Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm full of excuses.  I haven't been on my treadmill in a couple of weeks, have fallen behind on my Bible reading, and have gained back a couple of pounds.  Sickness has pervaded my house and I'm feeling it... the winter  blues even in a winter that hasn't been typical.  I've been too busy, too tired, have had too much on my to do list... the list of excuses go on and on.

But they are all crap, pardon my language.  An excuse is just a reason not to try.  Everything that is worth anything is worth effort.  I KNOW this, but I've not got my heart convinced of it yet.  I'm praying that God can help me get back on the road to where I need to be... but I do know that even in my weakness, especially in my weakness, I am not alone.  So while I have struggled, I have not quit.  And while I may not be where I want to be, I'm still semi-traveling, instead of lying in a stagnant heap. 

Tomorrow is another day.  It's the first day of the rest of my life.  Hopefully, Caleb will feel better and this headache will go away and I will not have come down with whatever viral ailment I am afraid I am catching.  I will climb on my treadmill, not eat any donuts (I have none in the house to eat), and start over on my journey to perfection... which I will NEVER be, until God deems me complete.  You see, even as I struggle, He's working, too.  And His work is so much better than mine can ever be.  Before, when I struggled, I'd get down on myself.  For so many years, I knew of His love, but I didn't know His love.  Now I know that He is there, with a plan, with a shovel to dig me out of the pit I've created, with a spotlight to help open my eyes in the absolute darkness.  He's got the roadmap, He's the navigator, and I just need to stop being a backseat driver and go along for the ride.  So I'm gonna buckle my seatbelt... here I go ;-)

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