Friday, February 17, 2012

Prayers for Rosa

There are some downsides to living in a small town.  Everyone knows your family, and everyone knows your business.  Sometimes even before you know your business.  Or they know more about your business than you do.   However, in a small town, we tend to pull together for our own.  When tragedy affects someone, you can't just ignore it, because it's your neighbor.  It makes you realize that it could have been you.

This week, I have been saddened by the tragic accident of a fellow Jacksonian.  To all who know her, Rosa is quick with a smile and a friendly word.  Her fight with breast cancer at a young age has truly defined "survivor".  I've laughed with her at Relay committee meetings and cried as she gave the Survivor speech.  Rosa lives life to the fullest, as a Mom to her three kids and as a breast cancer survivor offering support to others who have been diagnosed with the disease.  She never let the disease define her, choosing instead to embrace life and enjoy it no matter what. 

On Monday, a tragic car accident left Rosa with a severe closed head injury.  It's hard to imagine her teenage kids going through what they must be going through.  I'm sure this week has dragged by as they have watched doctors and nurses work with Rosa. Uncertainty is still the word (this according to the grapevine, which is usually a bad thing but when it comes to knowing how to pray I guess it's better than nothing).  No matter what the prognosis, though, or what Rosa has ahead of her, I know that she is a fighter.  God is still a healer, and faith can still move mountains.  On this Friday evening, if you'd take a few minutes to send up a prayer for Rosa, for Tyler, Justin, and Lexie, for all of her family and friends who are at her bedside or are here praying, I'd appreciate it.  Living in a small town means we're family, and family takes care of each other.  Rosa, you've got all of us behind you.  Love and prayers!!!

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