Thursday, February 9, 2012

Being Sick Stinks

As I'm writing this, I'm listening to Caleb breathe.  He's lying on the couch, sound asleep, which in the middle of the day is a big deal for him.  I always joke that I know when Caleb is feeling bad when he lays down and when he doesn't want chicken nuggets.  We're two for two today, and a shot of Penicillin was just what the doctor ordered for Mr. Bates.  He took that shot like a champ, knowing an Itunes card would shortly follow (ok, I'm not above bribery!)  Motrin for his throat, and lots of rest.  So we've sat around all day, me working on stuff, him watching TV and sleeping. It's been a good day, even if he is sick.  And I realize just how blessed I am...

Thank You, Lord, for a healthy boy. For a boy who has more energy than I can stand sometimes, a boy whose curiosity is contagious and whose intelligence has gotten him into trouble more times that I can count.  A boy who doesn't have to struggle to breathe or walk or talk, who doesn't have to take medicine or go to countless doctors.  Lord, as I write this, thanking You for your many blessings, I also ask that You will be with those Mommies who do have to go through illness with their baby.  Help them cling to You for comfort and guidance. 

Being sick stinks.  Caleb has whined around most of the day.  He is hurting, his throat hurts, he just doesn't feel good.  "Strep is a bad bug, Caleb." "Yes, Mom, it is, and I got bit bad." Yet even in his feeling bad, he still knows how to touch this Mommy and put a smile on my face... "Caleb, do you know how much I love you?" "Mom, I know how much I love you... and it's lots."  Thanks, God, for this amazing gift You've given me.  And if You would, make those strep bugs disappear =)

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