Saturday, June 29, 2013

What I Learned in June

So June is almost over and Emily Freeman at has invited us all to share what we've learned in June.  Being as I've spent most of June sitting on my couch and relaxing, as opposed to the cleaning and organizing and painting Caleb's bedroom that I swore I was going to do at the end of the school year (Thanks, Mom and Dad for pitching in and taking over!), this might be slim pickings... but here you go. Eight things I learned in June.

1. Long road trips really are better when 90s on 9 or 80s on 8 is on the radio.  I kind of learned this in May, as Jenna and I missed a turn and almost made it into Tennessee, maybe because I was having a little too much fun rapping Gangsta's Paradise, but the June trip to Bowling Green really did it for me.  Sitting up late for Relay For Life, getting up at 430 in the morning, driving 3.5 hours, sitting through a 2 hour class on electronic health records that discussed firewalls and security, and driving back to Jackson... yes, a little 90s on 9 was called for. 

2. I don't know if this can count as something I actually learned, because I still can't tell you a whole lot about it, but that 2 hour lecture discussed firewalls and the difference between electronic medical records and interoperability and personal health records... and I could go on, and on.  I never really thought about how much goes into setting up technology in healthcare.  To be honest, it had never really interested me until this class, and maybe it still doesn't really, but I'm glad there are people out there who enjoy stuff like that so people like me don't have to deal with it.

3. Tide pods are awesome.  No joke.  I was a little leary about throwing this little bundle of stuff into the washer... but Wallace had used them when he was in Texas and promised me they were the bomb... shhhh. No one tell him he is actually right about something.

4. Benedict Arnold was going to attempt to give West Point to the Redcoats.  Now, I knew that Benedict Arnold was considered a traitor because he had plotted with the British, but I never realized he was Commander of the Fort at West Point, where the United States Military Academy is based.  It's amazing what you learn when you read a 500+ page history book for fun.

5.  Also while reading The Long Gray Line, I learned that Bob Knight, a nemesis for Big Blue Nation and Kentucky basketball known for throwing chairs during ballgames, also coached at Army.  This might explain why he thought he was going to war when he stepped on a ball court.

6. Candy Crush Saga is addictive.  I'm on level 77 and seriously need an intervention.  This is why there should be a warning on facebook games.

7. Snapping turtles are really kind of pretty when they are swimming in the water.  They are a little scary when they are hooked on a fishing noodle.  This is why I should stay on the bank and read instead of getting in the boat and trying to catch them.  And doesn't this just look so much more peaceful than fighting a snapping turtle?
8. Life is better with people.  Good month of spending time with my boys.  Noodling with Wallace, swimming with Caleb, watching movies, campfires... His blessings are not just things, but the best ones are flesh and blood (and books. Lots and lots of books.)

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