Monday, June 10, 2013

These Gifts

This Monday the sky burst open and angry rain drops pounded the tin roof on my house.  The bed felt good, and my to do list didn't seem all that important... but I made myself get up and get going.

Vacation is just under three weeks away, and as the rain beat the roof and I folded clothes and scrubbed the toilet I thought of digging my toes in the hot sand, the waves washing over my feet. 

The past few years we've been to the beach and it has always been my favorite place on earth.  I feel at peace.  I feel God.  Those large waves hitting the shore, the sand that could have been washed from the other side of the world, the wide expanse of blue and green that stretches on forever...

how can you not feel Him there?

There are days when He is right there and seasons when you don't know where He is, but even in those times, He is there.  He's not always loud and roaring or pounding like the rain on the roof.

Sometimes, its in the hint of sun through the clouds, like I'm seeing right now out my living room window.  The trees are green and the sunlight burns golden off of them, in the small patch I'm seeing on my front porch.

And sometimes you see Him in the glimpse of a smile on someone's face, or in the whisper of someone's voice when they reach over and grab your hand to pray for you. It's in the breath of the wind blowing softly through the trees, or the drip of ice cream on his chin. 

It's in your guy saying he's the happiest he's been in he doesn't know when... and knowing that in itself is an answered prayer.

He's in these gifts we're given. I've been counting all year, and last year, and on those hard days when I'm not sure where He is, I keep counting... keep looking.  And then I see...

Gifts found in Christ- the Light of the World, Living water, Redemption.  Birds chirping outside my window, my preschoolers at VBS giving me hope for the future, peace in Kami being pronounced the best VBS crew leader ever by Caleb, our fearless leader, Beulah, who always has a smile on her face and in her heart.  New friends and infectious laughter.  Relaxation with my books and a good walk.  Dance Moms on DVR and making it through an hour long walk... not to running, yet =) Candy crush saga and Caleb making me laugh when he asked me if I knew Mamaw Karen, as if I hadn't spent 9 months in her belly.  The history of D-Day this past week and our military still serving today.  Gifts I'm reading- no condemnation in Christ and freedom in His truth and victory through His Word, my only offensive weapon.

Took my pen and jotted down number 973.  Linking up with Ann today at, a small piece of Heaven on earth as we join in counting our thankfuls.  He's here... just look around.  And in His gifts, His grace is more than sufficient. It's more than I could ever imagine, and more than I could ever deserve.  All I have to offer back is my thanks... and amazingly, to Him, it's enough. 

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