Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Minute Friday- Fall

Linking up with others at Lisa Jo Baker's blog, where for five minutes on Friday we take whatever prompt she gives us and write, unedited, for five minutes to let... it... all... out. 

Five Minute Friday

This week- Fall.  Ready? Go...

When I first saw this word, I immediately thought of football and pumpkins and orange and red leaves.  Of Halloween and cool, crisp night air and of bobbing for apples... which I'm really not sure why I thought of bobbing for apples, because it is not something I do on a regular basis, even in the fall.  Football, yes, and looking at leaves, but bobbing for apples...  no.

And I'm also surprised that this was my first connotation because I saw the picture Lisa Jo posted of someone falling... and I am a clutz so this is not that uncommon of an occurence for me...

And I think of the difference between failing and falling, which really isn't much, because failure is nothing more than a fall from the top, even when you may not have yet reached the top yet.

I've fallen a lot.  Like when Caleb was a baby and I tripped over his toy football in the living room and fractured my foot.  I received a lot of chiding over that one, as I tried to explain why I was unable to work because I was dancing in my living room.

And also the time I fell at the college while walking, and felt like I had broke my foot all over again.  And the time last summer when I fell in the parking lot of the hotel that we were staying in at the beach as I started my morning walk.  I may or may have been trying to post something to Facebook as I walked.

Falling unhindered is one thing.  There are many times we fall because we trip over something, or maybe we're going to fast, or we aren't paying attention and are trying to do too many things at once.

Then, there's the good kind of falling... falling in love.  You may or may not know what that is like.  I fell... hard... as a senior in high school, and even thirteen years later I can remember those first few dates.  Falling in love feels like your stomach is dropping out, like it does on a roller coaster, like there are a million butterflies that can't wait to escape.  You kind of lose your mind and forget other things and stop paying attention to other things.

Adam and Eve had the great fall, a fall from grace... one that we each are born into.  We were fallen before we were even born...

But He is there to pick us up.  He heals our wounds and puts bandaids on our scrapes.  He loves on us and sets us on two feet, points us in the right direction (because sometimes when you fall you just sprawl out... and if you fall long enough and far enough you forget where you started). 

And we can get those butterflies in our stomach falling in love with Him.

And I may or may not have accidentally set my timer for 15 minutes.  Woops! 

His grace is sufficient, though, for five or ten or fifteen minutes- for a lifetime.

Thanks for stopping by =)


  1. Lauren,
    I hadn't even thought about falling in love! It's one of the reason I like these Friday writes. How can one word generate so many different ideas in so many people?

  2. Oh, Lauren, His grace really is sufficient. Falling and failing can be so closely linked that we don't give it a second thought. Wonderful use of your 5 minutes. ;)