Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Lots going on in my head tonight.  We've had a busy but fun weekend.  Lots of family time, and I dared Wallace to complain.  I told him we were making up for nine weeks of no family time. 

Thursday- dinner at Applebees and a movie (The Intern... which wasn't bad, but wasn't as good as I thought it would be.)

Friday- dinner at Coal River Grille with the family, and Monsters Inc. (I loved it. Caleb loved it. Wallace tolerated it.  And does it say something about me that I am really looking forward to Despicable Me 2 and Planes?)

Saturday- Natural Bridge.  We hiked.  I about died.  At one point, I had a vision of me missing one of those narrow steps and pivoting backward, sprawled out with birdies and stars swimming around my head. I kept going.  The view, as always, is amazing... well worth it.  Anything worth having is worth hard work. We ate at the Lodge, and it was good.  I went home and floated in the pool for approximately two hours, soaking up the sun and reading.  We had a campfire complete with Smores (I ate marshmallows) and ghost stories from Caleb.

Sunday- church. Brayton's graduation party. I went up to Papaw's pond with WAllace and watched him pull noodles out... one had a snapping turtle on it, which was surprisingly pretty.  I had never actually see a turtle swim so it was pretty cool... but he lost the turtle before he could get back to the shore. Fun times.  I forced myself to work on my discussion board and enjoyed a nice walk with my mother in law.  I ended the evening by watching some dude walk across the Grand Canyon on a tight rope,praising Jesus and thanking God the whole way. 

My thought was- if he falls, he knows where he's going.  And that's a pretty good feeling to have.

So, what I learned this weekend? 1. Hard work is worth the effort. 2. Ghost stories are the best when told by a dramatic ten year old, who sometimes hesitates to complete the punch line, and makes it up as he goes.  ANd they are even better with a side of marshmallows around a campfire with your Mom and Dad and two sisters.  3. If you're tied to a noodle and keep working hard enough, you just may be able to break the line and frustrate the fisherman. 4. Who needs a safety net when you've got Jesus on your side? 5. I'm going to need a nap to make up for being so busy this weekend...

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