Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Ramblings

I had a busy weekend and to be honest, I'm still recovering, so tonight is going to be kind of light.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Friday night was Relay For Life, which is one of my favorite nights of the year.  My whole family participates, with the exception of a few... and this year there were a few cousins that haven't been able to make it in years past.  Caleb participated in the Survivor ceremony by placing the medallion around Papaw Jr.'s neck.  Mason and Dylan did the same with Mamaw Na.  What a blessing to have these three great grandsons there- four generations.  The luminary ceremony was beautiful, with the sky lanterns an awesome addition, until they started drifting back down. A few scary moments on the stage, but nothing caught on fire...

My favorite part of the night is Name that Tune... but because I had class on Saturday I couldn't stay all night.  I left shortly after the luminary ceremony, just when the fun was starting and the Clemons Clan started roasting the marshmallows.  Apparently, my grandparents stayed out until after 1 AM.  I hated to miss out on the fun..

but 430 came quick and Jenna and I made the trek to Bowling Green. Life is always better with some Cheddars onion rings and Gigis cupcakes and 90s on 9 on the radio.  I got an introductory course to Monsters High dolls, and made it home in time to take a bath and be in bed by 9 PM.

Sunday was Father's Day, so it was church and pretty much taking it easy while Wallace cleaned out his closet.  Not my decision, but his, and if that's how he wanted to spend his special day, more power to him.

And Monday... and I'm still pretty tired, so I pretty much took it easy again today.  I'm so blessed it is summertime and there is nothing like laying on a float with a good book, until it started thundering. The lightning and rain only lasted about 15 minutes, but it was long enough for me to get in the house and out of my bathing suit, so my trip to the pool was cut short.

On my walk tonight, I did part of C25K (not there yet), and walked a total of 3.2 miles.  I'm liking the Nike Run app, which tracks the length of your walk/run and tells how long it took you to do each mile.  I walked a little faster because I was trying to catch three deer grazing in the field on my lap... I scared them off twice but had too many pictures on my phone to take anymore.

So, there you have it.  Nothing important, but my Monday thankfuls include: my walk, God's creation, Romans 8, floating in the swimming pool, Wallace folding towels, all the Dads in my life, Gigis cupcakes, Cheddars, and 90s on 9.  I'm almost on 1000.... should be in a couple of days.  He is so good... and His grace is more than enough.

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