Sunday, June 9, 2013

Camp Caleb

Friday I picked up the living room a bit.  I had books and papers and clothing hangers and shoes piled up all over the place.  I had actually forced myself to get into my closet and pull some winter clothes out, and had plans to work on laundry Saturday, and the piles were even getting on my nerves. 

And then Caleb came home from Nana's.

The kitchen chairs were pulled into the living room, and the comforter from my bed was stretched out over top of them.  A portable cooler was filled with ice and Diet Coke for Mommy and Coke and Capri Suns for Caleb.  A snack table offered some Skinny cow candy bars and cheese crackers with peanut butter.  An electric lantern was placed underneath the "tent", along with a Gotta Have God devotional book and a leather portfolio.

The camp director had painstakingly planned an agenda for the night. After my hour walk, I was given ten minutes to bath and change clothes... no relaxing with a good book. Papaw Mike had a campfire complete with smores. 

Then, we went back in, where we did devotions and watched a movie (The Odd Life of Timothy Green) and did some lessons Caleb had typed up and talked.  We took pictures and laughed. 

Camp Caleb lasted all weekend.  Saturday was full of swimming during the day, some optional free time where I indulged on my Candy Crush addiction and read a little.  Saturday night was more devotion time and more giggling and laughing.

My living room floor is still a mess.  I did drag the chairs back into the kitchen, but the lantern and snack table are still right where Caleb left them.  My laundry is piled up worse than ever and I'm pretty sure the dust bunnies in this house could carry us off.

But we laughed, and made memories, and the lesson I learned on that hard floor underneath my comforter tent about taking time to live in the moment, enjoying those giggles while he's still little enough to sit under the tent made the messy room worth it.

After all, at least now I have an excuse ;-)

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  1. Bless you! It sounds simply WONDERFUL! Soak up every minute of this that you can. They grow up much too quickly! My two children are now 15 and 18 and often spend more time alone in their rooms than spending time with dear old Mom or Dad. I really miss it!