Saturday, June 1, 2013

May in Review

Yesterday was my last day of work until August.  I spent it sitting at my desk listening to webinars for my clinical hours for my technology course.  There might have also been a few games of Candy Crush saga and bejeweled played as well, if we are honest.  After spending most of the semester at a rush, it's nice just to sit... review advisee folders at my leisure... get a little organized, only so I can come back after the summer and forget where I put everything.

May also brought the homecoming of my soldier, and boy, were we all glad.  Last night he said, "It's like it never even happened," to which I replied, "Um... no." Ten weeks was a long time, but it was a good time, too.  It made the strawberry jelly sticking to the floor in the living room this morning not look nearly so bad, and while I did get mad hot when I looked in the office that I had REALLY clean and discovered clothes all over the floor AGAIN ( I swear, he's worse than a two year old, sometimes), I actually talked myself right  out of the temper tantrum... because at least he's here to drop the strawberry jelly and leave the clothes laying.

So that there gives you some idea of my progress of 2013.  There's no measuring some of my goals, just comparing them to how I used to be, and giving grace, my word for the year, has definitely seen some improvements.  And when it boils down to it, that one is the most important one, anyway, because it deals with loving other people...

So here's the long version of the rest of my goals, such as they are.

As I mentioned before, I may have gained just a little weight writing that stressful systematic review (or at least that's what we'll blame it on..) so I've been in denial and have not wanted to look at a scale.  It doesn't help matters that my husband comes home looking like a million bucks... but I guess he kind of earned it.  I have been exercising, though, at least 30 minutes, sometimes an hour, five days a week... and it's June, people.  Guess I'll have to step it up a notch.  No running for this ol' girl, still... but I can keep dreaming.  Except next year I'll be 35... did I really just type that?  Wow! Ok... I digress...

I'm still behind on my Bible reading... by about two months.  Read in 1 Samuel today, and some in Psalms.  I know that what I'm reading is right on time, so I'm not stressing out. Memorizing scripture- today's verse is Proverbs 3: 34, "He mocks those who mock, but gives grace to the humble." I'm ashamed to say that I've not memorized any more of Matthew.  But... I've been reading His Word most days, and as my word of the year is grace... that's what I'm giving myself.  Hopefully I'll pick it back up in June.

As for pictures and blogging, I've kind of slacked on that, too.  I really slacked on the blog for a couple of weeks in May, but I left my computer at home when we went to Texas, and it is too hard to try to type it out on the phone.  I've discovered some good blogs to link up with; Ann Voskamp on most Mondays with 1,000 gifts, Melissa Taylor's OBS on Thursdays, and then Lisa Jo Baker's Five Minute Fridays, which I've really enjoyed... she gives you a word and you set a timer and write for five minutes. 

I've worked through Lisa Harper's Malachi and am on week 7of Beth Moore's Daniel (again) with a group of friends on Facebook (goal of 4 in depth Bible studies).... yes, week 7.  It's divided into two parts, and I'm halfway through. Part one is historical, part two is eschatological... so I'm going to shelf it for a while.  Monday we're starting David: A Heart Like His, and I thought I'd concentrate on it and then go back once I'm finished.  I am also hoping to study Priscilla Shirer's Gideon on Beth Moore's blog, starting June 11th. I'm reading Tracie Miles's Stress Lessed Living with Melissa Taylor's Online Bible Studies on Facebook, leading a group of amazing ladies. It's hitting right at home... in this stressful time, it's been some good reading.  Chapter 7, on Defeating Your Giants,and Chapter 8, Addicted to Adrenaline were awesome.  I read 8 books in May, for a total of 43 out of my 80 books; 37 to go. . More on what I'm reading now later... and on what I'm looking forward to reading this summer.  I am thoroughlly enjoying propping my feet up on my porch rails in the evening, the birds chirping and the bees buzzing, while I'm soaking up some good words. 

Participating in the Joy Dare and counting 1000 gifts... counted a total of 929 through May. Some of them have been hard to be thankful for... some are easy, obvious. He is so good! It's not too late for you to join in... visit

Sleep is once again an issue, since I don't necessarily have to get up early every morning.  I've been sitting up watching movies and reading books, and on those days when I've had to get up it has been a struggle... but I'm at least getting around 7 hours of sleep. 

I'm looking forward to what June has to offer... May was a busy month that flew by!  Overall, I'm seeing some changes for the better, and I'm crossing my fingers that this summer will be the best one yet.  It's all about perspective =)

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