Friday, June 28, 2013

The In-Between

In-between.  Two words, hypenated.  That one hypen can take up a lot of space.

You might be in-between jobs.  In-between semester, like me, enjoying my summer break.

You might be in-between crises. Seems like we're all either going through a crisis or just got through one... and if we're not, chances are, we're getting ready to face one.

That moment in-between...

In-between the first kiss of a married couple and the moment when they are presented to the audience as a couple for the first time.

In-between a harsh word when you wish you could take it back and the other person is sitting there, feeling like they've been stabbed with a knife.

In-between the thunderclaps and the lightning, that calm drip, drip, drip on the rainy roof.

Whether we know it or not, we are all living the in-between of something... and it is what we do with that in-between that is really all that matters. 

I'm reminded of the poem "The Dash".  I think of it when I visit cemetaries, when I gaze at the gravestone of my father-in-law, and two graves over, my childhood best friend's grandpa.  Two lives, with varying amount of years, lived.  Over the hill is the tombstone of a boy that was the same age as me... and I'm now double the years since he met his fate.  His in-between was much too short.

But really, is the in-between ever long enough to do all we want to do, love everyone we want to love, see everyone we want to see?

Most likely not... especially if we don't appreciate the in-between.

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Fridays, where we're given a prompt and we spend only five minutes hammering out what we think.  I could have used more than five minutes on this one =)
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  1. I love your post. I just started doing Five Minute Fridays, well about five minutes ago :) I love this idea of connecting with other people through the written word. The part of your post that really spoke to me was the part that says, "Is the in-between ever long enough to do all we want to do, love everyone we want to love, see everyone we want to see?" Followed by, "Most likely not... especially if we don't appreciate the in-between." It's so true. Our lives pass by so fast. Some are lucky enough to live very full, rich lives, some longer and some shorter. But the point is to lead a full life. It is difficult sometimes to not just tune out the world around us and go about with this task or that task. In the end, will all the tasks matter at all, or those in-between moments where you take time to notice, to love, to appreciate. Thank you so much for this amazing reminder!

  2. I love this, too... stumbled upon it and have been participating for a month or so. It's so odd how one word can mean so much to different people!