Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I've Learned in the Past Few Days...

Been a few days since I've posted. I deliberately didn't bring my laptop with me because I didn't want to be on the computer all the time... but since Wallace is working I thought I'd hop on here and post a little about some things I've learned on my trip to Texas.

1. Plane rides aren't nearly as long when you are sitting around friendly people, especially when you have a sleep deprived, excited 10 year old who hasn't seen his Daddy in two and a half months. Case in point: on our first flight to Detroit, Caleb and Papaw sat on one side of the aisle, and I sat on the other next to a nice guy headed to Los Angeles. Apparently, he flies the route pretty often, and his conversation helped me not concentrate on takeoff.  Caleb had all of his electronic devices out, and this guy wrote data software, so he and Caleb talked about technology.  Then, we arrived in Detroit... and Caleb's biggest concern was finding a phone charger to plug his iPhone in.  Let's not worry about essentials, like the bathroom. There was a couple sitting near the charger station and they were...um, unfriendly. Imagine my distress when I determined that Caleb would be sitting behind them on the three hour flight to San Antonio. They rolled their eyes when he accidentally hit their seat, gave him hateful looks when he talked to the stewardess, and just generally expressed misery. Now I'm sure they were very nice people... and it probably was aggravating to sit in front of Caleb.  Especially Caleb that is very excited... but you don't have to be rude. That's all.

2. There's nothing like seeing someone waiting at the gate for you.  That guy looked good. That's all I'll say.

3. The Alamo is pretty small, considering, but amazing.  Caleb wasn't too impressed at first... but again, he was sleep deprived and overstimulated. We watched an Imax movie about the history of the Alamo, though, and as we walked by there the next day, he understood what it was all about.  I'm in awe of the bravery that was demonstrated there.  Caleb kept saying, "If this ground could talk..." and he is right.

4. Ripley's Haunted Adventures is not a place Caleb will want to visit again.  They had some really good actors. And I can be brave when I want to be... haunted houses and dark places are not my cup of tea, but I got to lead the way on this one. And I was happy to see sunlight!

5. Wax museums are pretty awesome.  I thoroughly enjoyed the visit... especially seeing The Passion of Christ. 

6. When you haven't seen someone in almost three months, it's amazing how you can just sit and stare. How someone who seemed completely familiar seems different, yet the same.  And how stupid this halfway intelligent girl can get...

7. Caleb is more like his Dad than I ever thought.  He had an hour long conversation with a guy from Perth, Australia in the pool.  Surprisingly, I'm becoming a little more extroverted, too... because I maintained my end of the conversation with the guy on the plane and with this guy in the pool. 

8.Menthalip shine NO. 190 in Cinnamint from Bath and Body Works is the bomb.

9. I can actually get tired of reading... for a few minutes.  Hop on facebook on my cell, then right back to my books, though. 

10. It's more about the journey than the destination... and the people you're with along the way.

Stay tune for more insightful, completely boring posts in the next couple of days.  I love Texas... but I love Kentucky more =)

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