Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stressed? Me?

It's Thursday again... and that means another day of Blog Hopping at  Today, we're discussing Chapter 8 in Tracey Miles's Stressed Less Living, and whether there has been any one lesson that has really impacted us through the study.

A lot of what Tracey writes I kind of already knew.  I mean, I lecture on stress every year in Fundamentals.  I lecture on how stress can cause exacerbations of illness in Med-Surg 1.  I lecture about how stress can cause different psych disorders to worsen in Psych Nursing.  I talk about anxiety and how stress can impact my students as they study and as they test...

But to think that I am a big cause of my own stress?  Come on now...

But yes. 

Yesterday I wrote about feeling stuck, and how He is the way to get unstuck.  I did get unstuck last night... went home and actually got some work done, and read and relaxed and went to church and  had some good conversation with my better half. Woke up this morning feeling rejuvenated; even got up early to go for a walk and read some of the Bible.

And... then I got to work. Where I was trying to do a million things at once. And my sweet son came with me. Stress?  Nah! Keep in mind that most of the faculty and staff and all of my students are on summer vacation... so there really shouldn't be any stress, but I got that smothering feeling again.

Trying to do it all by myself, on my agenda, my way.

Not looking to Him.  Can I get an Amen?

Chapter 8 talks about some of the reasons why we bring all of this stress on ourselves.  Tracey talks about being an adrenaline junkie, and as I started the chapter I found myself saying, "Shew, I'm glad that's not me." After all, I'm the one who hated going to the ER to help with codes because I didn't know what would roll through the door.  I've never been one for heights or for flying or for stepping out of my comfort zone, so I just knew that this chapter was one where I could read through and learn some things to help other people.

Until she started talking about the types of adrenaline junkies.  Oh, my, word.  An accomplisher? Are you kidding me?  I'm the queen of to do lists, and nothing makes me feel better about myself than crossing off a list at the end of the day.  Taking pride in what I've completed?  Surely I can find room on my plate for one more thing... after all, there are 24 hours in a day. And then the personal deflector, who keeps busy so he or she can ignore all that is wrong in their life.  I've never been one to confront problems... and let's just say that as I ignored some major issues in my marriage last year, I was flourishing as a teacher and as a committee member and working part-time... because if I wasn't there, it must mean there was not an issue. And then there was the dramatist... who complains so that everyone will feel sorry for them.  Um, might I be a little guilty, there, too?  A little attention-seeker... hmm...

So there you have it, I met the criteria for three out of the four types of adrenaline junkies. 

No wonder when I look at what all I need to do, I feel buried alive. Tracey says, "When we are tired or stressed or overwhelmed, we may find that focusing on the task at hand, concentrating with full clarity, and maintaining accuracy becomes more difficult. Thinking may become clouded and memory may become scattered simply because your brain is on overload."

Anxiety level 2... and level 3 is.  not.  good. This isn't the good kind of stress that makes you more alert and more focused. No, m'am.  It's the kind that makes you forget where your car keys are, or forget that your phone is in your pocket and your glasses are on your face... anyone else?

In our world of multitasking, this problem is only going to get worse unless we choose to get intentional about it. 
"Each day, when we get out of bed, we have a choice to make about where our strength will come from to face the day ahead."- Tracey Miles

Where my strength will come from?  When I feel like I can't breathe?  In Him I move and live and have my being.  He is my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my shield.  He will renew my strength... if I wait on Him.

In this world we'll have trouble (anxiety, stress).  But Y'all... He is so much bigger. Greater is He that is in me... and His grace is more than sufficient, even when you can't see it through the stress.
Lord, help us...


  1. Lauren, I laughed some through your post because I could have said some of this myself! ;) Not that it's funny...but because I can relate. Multi-tasking is a terrible "skill" I have learned a little too well. And the car keys and cell phone...where are they again? Lol. I am determined to be intentional and focused as I seek God in this fast paced society we live in. He is where our peace and joy are found...and yes, His grace is sufficient. So happy to be sharing this journey with you, my friend! :) Love, Shelly (OBS Leader)

  2. ah Lauren! I can so relate! You definitely echo'd what is most of my every day!!!! I too am an adrenaline junkie!!!!!! Amen!

  3. Lauren you have me laughing too. I think you won the adrenaline lady prize. I too love to-do lists, but I have finally learned not to worry so much if I don't get it done. It used to mess me up. REALLY! Now I say OK God - WHATEVER. But I am retired so now that work is out of the picture it is easier. And guess what, my little sister lost her keys at mom's estate sale today. Oh my we were hunting and hunting thinking someone that came picked them up. She had put them in a box that belonged to our other sister who thankfully had not taken her box when she left. Hugs. Thanks for making me laugh. Beautiful post today. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

  4. Lauren, oh my heart - yes! Yes you can get a hearty AMEN from me! I can so relate to that "work mode/stress mode" - but I love the medical side to that level of stress that you help us to see, here, too. Thank you for your honesty as you share how this study is affecting you. I can so relate!

  5. Thank you for sharing, I super enjoyed this post!!! :)