Friday, May 24, 2013

My View

I'm sitting on my red couch, looking out the window at the green trees.  It's a familiar view for sure, one that I see almost every day of my life, just in different light.  Sometimes it rains and sometimes the sun pours in the window so that you can see the dust particles floating in the air... ok, let's change the subject on that note.  I might be inspired to get up and dust and I don't necessarily like that kind of inspiration.

I stumbled on this blog via a rabbit trail of visiting other blogs, prompted by another writer's discussion of song from last week, and decided to join up. A prompt to help me write?  Awesome idea.  But no editing... hmm... that's a little different.  Life is full of edits.  We pick and choose what we post on facebook and how we allow others to view our lives.  Do we ever give full access?  We want to paint a picture of a view that is pleasant and good rather than what is real. 

View- to look at.  To see.  What you see.  What is framed in your lens cap.  A view in your mind.

What you choose to see... because sometimes we can choose to focus on the very thing that will cloud our vision, that will overwhelm the eye, that will take our eye off the prize...

And get our view on that which it shouldn't be.

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker.  Thanks for the inspiration... and for allowing me to muddle through this brief exercise. 
Five Minute Friday


  1. Welcome! Yes, we need to keep our view on what is most important.

  2. Lauren, I too followed that same rabbit trail, but I think I came across it from Miss Indeedy. Today was my first time. I think I LIKE it! Loved your view!

  3. Me, too, Mindy! And Miss Indeedy was where I found the rabbit trail. She's great!