Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Weekend of Education

I'm getting educated.  So is Jenna Boothe. Some of the things I learned on this trip to Bowling Green:

Past Bowling Green, toward Nashville, there are zero exits off of I-65 until you get almost to Tennessee.  Zero.  Meaning you have to drive until you are 2 miles from the state line to turn around... or fairly close to the state line, anyway.  Or drive a four wheel drive vehicle so you can cut through to the side road.  Or perhaps a tractor, because there was some lovely plowed fields of rich red dirt.

Jenna and I do not have future careers as singers or rappers, despite our delusions of grandeur.  We may, however, have futures as comedians, Karaoke singers, or authors when we write our memoir, Doctoral Studies for Dummies.

My favorite Gigi's cupcake by far is Strawberry Shortcake. That's on this trip. And it might change, as I still have a Wedding Cake one to finish, and we all know how good Wedding Cake tastes.

I have a group of awesome classmates.  As I've watched their presentations this week and the last class, they are such an intelligent bunch of individuals.  I'm learning things about nursing that I would not have been exposed to had it not been for these classes, and this will be beneficial to my teaching.

There's something special about getting on to the Mountain Parkway.  There's something special about home. When you look in the distance around Stanton and see those green hills, it just chokes a girl up sometimes.  Especially when half of her heart is in Texas.  I wanted to send a picture just to show him what's he's missing but didn't.

And apart from K-Love, 90s on 9 and 80s on 8 on Sirius XM play the best music. 

That's all. And I'm educated enough.. at least until May 13, when my next class opens on Blackboard.

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