Monday, May 13, 2013

Counting to Make the Time Go By

I've started this post several times throughout the day but nothing came out right.  Busy weekend, busy start to the day today with Caleb testing positive for strep and running to Walmart and the pharmacy and getting him settled in. 

I did pause for an afternoon nap (Thank you, xbox) and took a walk (thank you, Papaw).  I'm ashamed to say I haven't opened my Bible today but I did read three or four articles and answer a question for my Nursing Informatics discussion board... and the night isn't over, so I'm headed to bed to read some Luke and John and Matthew.  Covering the Gospels pretty well tonight.

That's the plan, anyway.

Today I sat watching Caleb play x-box and I thought about how time passes in a flash. Tomorrow should be his last day of the school year... he's staying home, though.  But after tomorrow he will be a 5th grader.  He got pills from the doctor today instead of liquid antibiotics.

While he's still my baby, he's not a little boy anymore.

Mom brought Taco Bell and Kami, long and lanky, brought it in and made me smile. 

And talking to Wallace on the phone tonight... 8 weeks has went by so fast, for which I am thankful.  He's tired and I think ready to come home... and I'm ready, too.

On my walk the wind was crisp but the sun was golden and my mother in law's rhodenderons were a bright purple and her azaleas were a lovely pink and I basked in the glow of springtime.

Will laughed after his bath and came right to me and I nuzzled those fat cheeks.

Time is passing, and through it all, His blessings continue. 

Even on the dark days, blessings.

The Great Gatsby with Mom, Kami, and Holly, and salty popcorn and blessings from my parents such as a legacy of love and a Christian home.  My iphone and Caleb's x-box and gas and my car.  Gifts in my closet like my cap and gown (worn for celebrating graduation with all my students) and shoes and flip-flops, for painted toenails and cute dresses and God's love and snuggles with my boy.  For airplane tickets and carryon luggage from a friend and books... always books. 

Counting 1000 gifts with Ann Voskamp at because counting makes time goes by faster, or slows it down, whichever you want to happen... depending on the perpective.  Over 840 now... and His Grace is sufficient to see the blessings continue to multiply.

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