Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Living for Tomorrow

I'm linking with Melissa Taylor's blog hop for Chapter 6 of Stressed Less Living by Tracey Miles.  One of the assignments was to verse map or talk about our reflection verse, Matthew 6:33.  This is my roundabout way of getting to that... I promise if you'll just keep reading I'll get there on this rabbit trail.

"Life lived for tomorrow will always be just a day away from being realized."- Leo Buscaglia

I have to admit, I've been wishing my life away these past few weeks. Counting down the days until May 19th, counting down the days until the beach... and while most days I've lived the days, there have been some when I've been absent in mind, present in body. 

Today, when I read this quote in one of John Maxwell's book, I was convicted.

I've spent my life planning.  I take it after my Dad.  Planning is a good thing.  It gives you a goal to try to obtain, and a means to get there.  Really good planners have a plan A and plan B and plan C.  I will admit that I sometimes get more pleasure out of the planning process.  I'm a really motivated planner... a motivated doer, maybe not so much, unless it is something that I really like. 

I've been just as guilty as the next person of playing the "what if" and "if only" game.  I think often about the future, planning what I want to do and what I need to do and where I will go and what I will say.  I play scenes in my head until I have built up expectations that noone can live up to... which leads me to disappointment when the anticipated event comes to pass.  Spoiling it for me.  Totally unfair to whomever is involved.

Living for tomorrow... but never appreciating today.  While I've been doing better about being appreciative, and counting my 1000 gifts has helped me live in the moment, I'm still guilty at times of dreaming.  Not that there is anything wrong with dreaming... I think God wants us to dream.  Dream big.  As one of my favorite authors writes, Holley Gerth, God sized dreams. 

But it isn't enough to dream. We have to act.  And acting is in the present tense... today. In our action, we are working toward obtaining our dreams of tomorrow.

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."- Matthew 6:34

This verse came to mind when I read the above quote... and when I looked up the reference, I realized it immediately followed our Melissa Taylor Online Bible Study's reflection verse, Matthew 6:33.    Seek... pursue.  Look for.  Long for. 
Him first.. priority, in preference for others... putting God in His rightful place.

 and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you- clothes.  Food.  Monetary needs.  All these things...and more... because He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever ask or imagine. 

How do we start living not for tomorrow, but for today?  By living Matthew 6:33.

His grace is not just sufficient... it overflows. 


  1. I'm such a planner, too, and so very guilty of missing out on the joy of this season because I'm so busy worrying and thinking about the next one. Thanks for the reminder, the encouragement and the challenge....

  2. Lauren, girl! Amen and amen. I could have written each word. Hi, I'm Missy and I'm a plotter and a planner. The fact that the verse in Matthew 6:34 was on your heart - and that when you looked it up, you realized it followed our verse for this week is such a God Thing, isn't it? I was blessed to read this post this morning before I go about my busy day. Thank you!

    1. I knew that verse was in Matthew, but when I turned in my Bible and saw where I had marked 6:33, I just had to smile. He is such an awesome orchestrator (if that is even a word, I know it isn't spelled rigt!)

  3. I love how you've dug so deep in the scripture...

    your last sentence 'it overflows' ... gave me chills :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Lauren. I too saw that the next verse to Seeking God first was not to worry.Like you said we need to seek , long for, put first, crave for God daily in our lives. As the Message said to Steep in , to soak in God's love for us.

  5. Good morning, Lauren! I love when we get into God's word for one thing and He takes us to another and then ties it all together! :) When we are seeking Him our eyes are removed from our circumstances, our plans, and everything that is wrong or still needs to be done. It's in our seeking Him that worry is removed and replaced with the peace and joy that come in His presence. Thanks for sharing your words and your heart this morning! Blessings! ~Shelly F (OBS Leader)

  6. Lauren just love how God has spoken to you this week (and me too). I am finding each day that all I do needs to reflect Him. Thanks for reminding us to seek Him first and to crave Him daily! So glad to be here with you and being blessed by your blog. Debbie Williams (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

  7. Hi Lauren! "But it isn't enough to dream. We have to act. And acting is in the present tense... today. In our action, we are working toward obtaining our dreams of tomorrow." I love this. And in seeking God first, we are acting and allowing Him to lead us. Thank you for sharing!! Have fun at the beach! Love, Sue (OBS Leader)

  8. This is true of me as well. I loved your quote "Living for tomorrow...but never appreciating today." It really convicted me. I need to spend more time in the present instead of wasting all my time worrying about and planning for tomorrow or next month or even next year.