Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Good Boy

He's sitting next to me, binder in hand, painstakingly placing the post it note in the front cover.  From here, I can't see what it says, but his glasses are sliding down on his nose just a little as he concentrated as he wrote. He's working on his binder for our Bible study that we're going to start.  He reaches for another orange slice, and lays his head on my shoulder.

He's the best kid in the world, most days.  And some days he's just a kid, and I'm the worst parent ever.  It usually doesn't have much to do with his behavior.. it's usually because of me, the kind of day I've had, how I respond to things. 

And on the days when I'm the greatest Mom, he's the better son, because he feeds off of me.

Others buy into your negativity.  They also buy into your positive attitude.  They learn from how you act, how you react.  And I see it every day when he raises his voice when he gets mad.  Learned from a Mama who raises her voice.

He's inherited my love for notebooks and ink pens and post it notes.  I'm afraid he's also inherited my temperament.  But just as we can learn to rein that in, I'm hoping that he can learn other things from me. 

That God is good.  That He is faithful.  That His Word is true.

So we pull out His Word, and dig in.  This is what makes a Mom better.  It' s the only thing that makes this Mom any good.. that I want him to love Jesus. 

And His grace is sufficient to step in when I'm not very Christlike.

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