Saturday, March 23, 2013

Musings on Love

This morning on a cousin's facebook status, she wrote, "Today I'm marrying my best friend."  She seems deliriously happy, floating on air and love.  Her wedding shower was beautiful, and I'm sure this weather will be wonderful, as well.  Love is a beautiful thing.

Marriage is hard.  We live in hard times.  Money is tight.  Life is stressful... but there is an answer. 

And even though the Hollywood happily ever after may just be a fairy tale, our God is the author of Happily ever afters

So on this day, remember:

Love is an action.  It is more than words muttered.  You have to back those words up. 

Love like 1 Corinthians.  Love  is patient, and you must be patient.  Your spouse will not always appreciate you.  He/she won't always want to do what you want to do.  There will be hours spent somewhere you don't want to be, decisions you wish he/she would just go ahead and make, and bad attitudes, but we are to patiently love.  Love is kind.  It looks to others before self.  It is soft-spoken and seeking good. Love does not envy.  It is not jealous.  It wants the best for the other person.  It trusts.  Oh, my... trust.

Love is not self-seeking.  It is is actually self-sparing, loving the other more than one itself.  Looking for ways to put the other first.  It can be something simple as eating at a place you don't really like, or as sacrificial as moving so the other can take the job of a lifetime.

Love is not angry, and does not hold grudges.  Forgiveness is key.  Oh, you'll get mad, but count to ten before you say anything, because once words are flung out, they can't be taken back.  Don't drag up old wrongs that were done ten years early.  The other person has probably forgot all about them.  You should, too.

Love long.  Kiss each other good night.  Go on dates.  Enjoy time together. Laugh.  Laugh so hard that your belly hurts. Keep in mind those examples of true love that lasted for years and years, and cling to those when you think you can't make it.  Never stop enjoying your time together.  Listen.  Really listen. 

Above all, love God.  If you love God, and put Him in the center of it, He'll see you through. 

Best wishes, Jessica and Nate!  May you be blessed with many years of happiness. 

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