Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Grateful for Spring... Waiting

As I pull on the sweatshirt I can't help but take a deep breath and get a whiff of cologne, barely there.  It's snowing outside, big fluffy flakes that aren't sticking to the ground, but are covering the redbuds and the other trees that are fighting to see spring. The calendar says that it is spring, but it's not manifested yet. 

But I feel it today, on this Monday. Even in the dark gloom of yesterday, I'm reminded of Holy Week.  Of what that means for me, for us, for Jesus.  And like those redbuds fighting to bloom, I can feel it in my spirit, too, fighting to be reborn.

Hope.  Joy.  Peace. 

Grateful for another spring. Grateful for this night, together.  For Caleb clap, clap, clapping on the floor and for him making birthday cards and for him typing on his ipad. 

And the days count down and soon it will be summer, and that will fly by, too.

Gratitude makes the days, though long and dark, fly, and even when they drag by, finding that one thing to be thankful for props us up.

Rebirth, just like spring.  Like Jesus coming out of the tomb, shedding His graveclothes.  Hope, alive.

And I'm counting... thankful for 10,000 Reasons sung yesterday in church and the message that we all have a place on God's team, for blogs like www.aholyexperience, written just for girls like me, for women aching and celebrating all at once.  I'm grateful for When Mercy Found Me sung on the radio and for Facetime and a good night's rest and feeling peace, for treadmill time even when I don't like it and for March Madness with my grandparents, for the beauty of snow yet the roads are clear, for lunches with good friends, for good co-workers and Deuteronomy 31:14, banana pudding and papers turned in.  And for Caleb. Always for Caleb, my best boy in the world.

Counting to 1000 gifts and then some... on number 561.  Join me in this Joy Dare?  It will change your life, for sure. 

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