Friday, July 19, 2013

Belong: Right at Home

Five Minute Friday, where Lisa Jo Baker provides a prompt and then opens up her blog to anyone who wants to link up.  Five minutes of no editing,  not really thinking about what you write, just getting it out.

Five Minute FridaySo, here goes.  Word of the week? Belong.  Ready, set, go...

So, it's been a rough week. Some tough decisions.  A lot of people who don't understand, and there's two sides to every story, and that's really all I want to say about it because I'm still kind of emotional. Whoever said wounds that are emotional didn't hurt... well, I don't think anyone ever said that.

But it's got me thinking. 

I just finished Anything by Jennie Allen and Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  Both of them talked about being in this world but not of it, about how we are living for another realm, an eternal realm.  We don't belong here, and all that searching and trying to satisfy never will because we will never be satisfied until we reach that heavenly place. 

And I get that... I get not feeling like I belong.  Not knowing what to say to people.  Not feeling like there is anybody on my side.

And then there are places where you fit right in.  Places as familiar to you as... well, home. Like my Mom's kitchen table.  My red couch where I spend hours working on papers and lecture notes and playing Candy Crush. The worn-out chair on my front porch where I like to prop my feet up and read. 

And places from my childhood.  Last night, I walked into one such place.  I took a big deep breath and knew that even in all of the turmoil, all the chaos, all the bad... I was home.  Right where I belong... with the people who I love the most.  It may not seem like it right now... but God's got big plans, good plans, and when you pray and seek His will and finally say... whatever You want to happen, whether it is what I want or not... well, He brings you right to where you feel at home. 

His grace is more than sufficient, even when we don't know if we belong.


  1. I loved both those books!!! And I totally get what you mean about finding that belonging feeling in the home-feeling places. I also have a favorite couch :) It's yellow and crazy, but I love it for writing, praying, having coffee. It's nice to meet you here from Five Minute Friday!

  2. Just knowing we belong to God can bring us peace in the midst of turmoil. Keep praying and He will bring it all together.