Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Musings

So I hate to keep harping on the same... old... thing...

But I have a presentation due in just over 24 hours, and it's kind of forefront on my mind.

Even though it wasn't quite as forefront on my mind 12 hours ago, or even 8 hours ago.

Good day of rest and relaxation... Church, with a good message from 2 Kings 2, where Elisha asked for a double portion. 

Pooltime, where the water was warm and the sun was hot and my legs turned pink and I finished one book and read a third of another.  I might have fell asleep only to be awakened by a few scattered raindrops.  I almost took that as a sign that I was supposed to go in the house and start on my presentation, but then the clouds moved back out and the sun came back out and Kami decided to join me.  And don't judge me, but I used not just one float, but two different ones, plus the lounge chair.  Me on one float, Kami on another, and then Caleb came out and kind of did away with the peacefulness for a while.  And then another thirty minutes with myMom while Caleb and Kami were unchaperoned in the house.  I went in to expect bloodshed, but they were both in the living room, watching The Waterboy.  Guess foosball brings out the best in everybody.

So I started on the presentation, played five lives on Candy Crush, worked for twenty more minues on the presentation (so glad that they limit your lives.  They must know that true addicts really do have other things that they need to do, like laundry and sweeping and bathing and fixing microwave ravioli, and, of course, presentations) Then...the sun was still shining through my windows and the air conditioning was cold, so I took a break and went out on the front porch to read for awhle.  I mean, how can you not take a break with a view like this?
So I might have taken about an hour break.  But that's okay, because when you take a break, you come back refreshed, right?

Some more Candy Crush and a walk on the treadmill and I'm almost finished.

And it's due in just over 24 hours, but now it's time for bed.

His mercies are new every morning- and maybe my motivation will be, too!

Happy Sunday!!!

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