Friday, July 5, 2013


Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for five minute Fridays- one word, five minutes, unedited, no pondering or dilly-dallying (don't you love that word?  If it is, in fact, a word?)

Five Minute Friday

Today's Word: Beautiful. 


This morning I sat on the balcony.  The sky is steel gray and the sea grass is blowing in the wind and thunder rumbled in the background.  The sound echoes as the waves crash, one and then another and then another, against the ledge of oceanside property, whitecaps frothy as they rush in and out. 

What a difference 24 hours can make.  Yesterday, I trudged down through the thick white sand, wading through rain water puddled and made my stake on that waterfront.  Toes dug in deep, water blue as it ran in.  The smell of sunscreen and baby oil and ocean salt wafted through the air as I settled into my lounge chair. The sun was warm on my reddened skin, warm enough to make me feel like a cat stretched out in a pool of sunlight.  I read and watched as the waves lapped over my toes.

Beautiful- but two different views.  Both God's creation.  And the thunder rumbles in the background. 

Beautiful- unique views.  Just like each of us.  Different, yet beautiful.  Beautiful in the storms.  Beautiful in the sunshine of life.  Beautiful, just as He created us. 



  1. What a beautiful post. How awesome to know that God created each of us to be unique and have our own purpose...just as His creation is so unique and beautiful!

  2. Loved your description and different beautiful views.