Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June in Review

The end of June marks the halfway point of 2013, and as I look back I can't believe how fast it went.  Doesn't seem like it should be the first of July, yet here it is.  Time for getting serious about these goals, right?

Today I sat on the beach and gazed out on the water.  The breeze was blowing, and the waves were crashing against the shoreline.  Everyone else had headed up to the room, and as I sat there I thought of how much can happen in a year.  Good things, bad things, memories made, lessons learned.  Changes that I'm trying to make, some of them possible, some of them seemingly impossible, but still improvements. 

2013- My year of grace.  This past month, I've struggled a little with grace.  I struggle with grace toward Caleb and Wallace.  I struggle with grace toward myself when I keep.  messing.  up.  I struggle with grace when someone hurts my feelings or does something I don't agree with.  I'm so thankful His mercies are new every morning, and regardless of how I've done these past six months, I can start afresh today. Right now.  This is the beginning of the rest of my life... and yours, too. So breathe deep and accept it... grace... and then breathe it out again, to someone else. They may need it more than you.

So now to recap these goals... and I'm giving grace, remember =)

 Weight loss- a couple of pounds.  Not nearly as much as I'd like, and I don't see how I can reach my overall goal, but I'm thinking baby steps.  Been walking, aiming for 3 miles a day, unless it rains or there's something going on in the evenings, so I've been averaging about four days a week.  Surprisingly, that's one of my favorite parts of the beach... walking... now if I only could keep it up at home!

I'm still behind on my Bible reading... by about two months.  I have moved into 2 Samuel, and some in Psalms. I know that what I'm reading is right on time, so I'm not stressing out. Memorizing scripture-not so much.  Got behind, and didn't even look up a verse for yesterday... so I'm headed to as soon as I get this written to find my July 1 verse.  I have been reading His Word most days, and as my word of the year is grace... that's what I'm giving myself.  That's another of my favorite things about the beach, sitting out in the morning on the balcony, watching the waves hit and digging into His Word. There's something about the beach that just keeps me focused on God and all of His awesomeness. 

Slacked on the pictures and the blogging.  I get busy and forget about pictures, and then take a bunch a day.  And blogging, somedays I just don't have much to say.  I'm thankful for some linkups at some of my favorite blogs, which give me some focus.  

I'm on week 3 of Priscilla Shirer's Gideon study on Siestaville (Beth Moore's blog) and week 4 of Beth Moore's David: A Heart Like His with a group of friends on Facebook.  It amazes me how stuff goes hand in hand. I'll read something with one study, and then the same concept is covered in something else that I'm reading.  Just completed Tracie Miles's Stress Lessed Living with Melissa Taylor's Online Bible Studies on Facebook, leading a group of amazing ladies. I'd highly recommend it.  At the end of each chapter, she provides stress busting scriptures that are awesome.  We'll be reading What Happens When Women Say Yes to God starting July 28th, and I'm looking forward to it.  I read 11 books in June, for a total of 54 out of my 80 books; 26 to go. . More on what I'm reading now later... and on what I'm looking forward to reading this summer. That's yet another thing that I'm enjoying about the book.  Today I did nothing but sit on the beach with a book in my hand or sit by the pool or on the balcony with my Kindle.  I also napped, and then read some more. 

Participating in the Joy Dare and counting 1000 gifts... counted a total of 1060 through June.  Those gifts change my perspective most days... and then there are some of those difficult days when I'm really having to pull from the bottom.... but always blessed. He is so good! It's not too late for you to join in... visit

Sleep... this summer I've gotten into a pattern of getting 8-9 hours, so it's all good. Not as much while I'm down here, but who wants to sleep their vacation away?  My goal for the summer is to have a pattern established that will work when I go back to work.  We'll see. 

So, welcome, July!  I'm going to soak up all you have to offer.  Here's to the rest of 2013- may it be as great as the beginning. 

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