Monday, July 22, 2013

Gratitude of Love

The scissors are dull and it feels like I've been cutting red paper hearts for forever as the scraps of paper fall to the ground.  The theme is love and it's running through my mind, words from 1 John... Love one another.  A person with no love is dead.  Let's not merely say we love each other- let's show our love by actions...

And the scraps keep falling around me. 

Vacation Bible School in about two hours and I'm still ruminating the message.  Jesus Loves Me... and you.  And He demonstrated His love for us because while we... while I... was still sinning, while He knew that today I'd be struggling with love and with holding my tongue... He still died.  He still packed all that sin on Him, as heavy as it was, and carried His cross... carried my cross. 

How can I choose anything but love?  How can I be anything but grateful? 

And today, on this Monday following one of the longest weeks of my life, on this Monday representing a new day... I am choosing, just as I chose yesterday, just as I'll choose tomorrow, and keep choosing, because it has to be intentional. 

I choose love.  I choose grace.  I choose happiness.  I choose to see the best in others and in situations even though I may have to dig deep, because chances are they are having to dig deep, too. I choose gratitude...

Because it is thankfulness that makes the new perspective.

Linking up with Ann Voskamp and counting my gifts.  Gifts like seeing my baby baptized by my Dad and sunshine and rainbows, VBS with giggling kids and time with my family.  Blueberry cake donuts and another trip to Bowling Green.  Books and online Bible studies and peace with decisions..

And His love...  And His grace, which is always sufficient.

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