Friday, June 29, 2012

Welcome Home

After a week (well, 5 days) on the beach, I'm a little spoiled. We came home to temps of over 100 degrees, hot and smothering. I had no more packed my bags in the house than I was thinking of how peaceful it was to sit with my toes in the sand, book in hand and breeze whipping the waves up over my legs.

But I'm here. In Kentucky, and for now this is where I'm supposed to be. So I loaded my vacation pics up, took one last look at the peaceful beach, and settled in for the night.

Has anyone else ever noticed how time seems to speed up when its vacation time? Another busy week lined up next week... and how is it that it is almost July already?

Tomorrow is full of housecleaning and putting up clothes (thanks, Nana Helen for washing them all up before we left the beach). Pig out in the Park and the Duck Race... a whirlwind of run and do and accomplish.

But if every day was a vacation, then we'd be bored, right?

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  1. I dont go on vacation much but when I do yes time speeds up!