Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Amazing Race

Tonight I got to sit in front of the Jackson water plant for about 30 minutes. Not really exciting, but totally worth it.  You see, we had an Amazing Race in Jackson.  We had four groups of teenagers from local churches participate.  They were given scripture references they had to look up to figure where to go next.  Then, once they got there, they had to write a slogan against drug abuse (the event was sponsored by Breathitt Co. KY-ASAP). 

As I read the scripture references, I had to laugh, because there were two that I didn't get.  I would have had to call for a clue and taken a time penalty.  Our teams had no trouble, though... well, maybe they did.  And maybe there was some misspelling on one of the signs, but it was all about the competition, right? (Even though that isn't what it was really about..)

I know this analogy has been beaten to death, but tonight has made me think about our lives...which are like races.  Only they can be compared to a marathon, not a race around town.  Yesterday I had a rough day... worked all day, ran from here to there and walked and did stats homework until I cried (literally... and it wasn't even that hard.  I was just so overwhelmed. Stats class in a month? from June 4-22? I'm certifiably insane...)
But today, well... it was better. I dusted my running shoes off, did my quiet time with God this morning, worked on stats at Caleb's PT appointment, and went to work.  I helped with the Amazing Race and walked 30 minutes at the park.  I came home and took a bath and vegged on the couch, checking out Facebook and reading blogs. 

See, in races like marathons (and I'm such a runner, so you know this is every bit the truth...), you  have to take breaks after the race.  You have to let your body rest.  And in life, we have to do this, too.  Every minute of every day can't be productive.... we're not geared for that.  Yes, I could have been doing other stuff the last two hours I spent on the computer, but tonight, this is what I needed.  Tomorrow, I'll be ready to keep pounding the pavement. 

Help me run this race of life, Lord.  I'm not in a competition, but I'm in for endurance.  Thank You for water breaks and pit stops.  You are so good...

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