Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sundays are...

Sundays are for reflection and rejuvenation. Sundays are for diving into God's Word and fellowship with His people. Sundays are for long naps and long walks and long conversations. Sundays are for slowing down and cherishing. Sundays are special... God took a day to rest, a day to be Holy and set apart from the rest of the week, so we should too. Today my Sunday plans- reading, napping, time by the pool, and an evening walk.


  1. Visiting from The Sunday Community . . . your Sunday plans sound delicious! Hope to see you again.

  2. That is, a day of rest. Have a beautiful day!!

  3. Sunday has so changed in our world. When I was saved, back in 1966, it was a real discussion at church whether there could be a church get together with a ballgame during the afternoon. Not OK, then. NOW? Nothing is not OK and most of us have been sucked in to that present day world. Frustrating when I see that kids' games and large school events take place right when church would be meeting. Sorry to fuss so long, and I sure ain't perfect, but, again, life has changed a LOT. Hope YOU rest, and restore, and renovate and renew. Good "R & R" days.

    1. I live in a very small town and I am happy to say that our school organizations try to steer away from Sundays... so far. I have just started being intentional about my Sundays, really trying not to get sucked into the "extra day of work". I find that when I do that, I am better prepared for the coming week!