Saturday, June 23, 2012

This is the Stuff

The house is quiet, somewhat.  I'm sitting with the computer on my lap and I can barely hear
Wallace on the phone in the other room.  It's been a long day, one of running back and forth to town, one where I'd really like to crash in the bed.  I thought I would sleep late, but ended up getting up at 8...

And the silence is broke with a little boy singing... "This is the stuff... that drives me crazy."  Oh, one of my favorite songs, because it could so be my life. Lost phone...  Lost keys... running late, always. Yep, story of my life around here. 

Jelly stuck to dresser drawers.  Stepping on legos in the middle of the night. Laundry that seems never ending.  Getting in the car in cold weather to find that the gas is just about empty... and I have to stand out in the cold and pump.  Jeans just a little too tight.  Typing up a lecture and accidentally losing it, only to find that I really didn't save it even though I've told myself time and again to save periodically...

You get the picture.  Chances are, you've got that little stuff...

And we all have this other stuff.  Like the little boy sitting in the chair writing... "TV.  Pop. Beach. Jesus. Laugh.  Baby Bates.  Pool.  Me. God. Policeman. Kami.  Phones.  Weddings.  Weston. Happiness." As he sings... he's writing his list, his 1000 gifts.  34 in one day.  Cause he's amazing like that.  And maybe, just maybe, in the midst of my little mess, I really am blessed in a big way. 

This is the stuff... that makes me smile. Thinking that maybe, just maybe... I'm doing a little something right. 

And in case you know all about that stuff, enjoy the link!

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