Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family Traditions

Today Caleb and I helped my Mom and Aunt Lisa make fried apple pies to raise money for the Relay For Life.  My family has been making fried apple pies for years, as long as I can remember.  I'm no cook, but I enjoy rolling the dough out.  When I was in nursing school, I loved it when I happened to go to Mamaw's when she was making pies.  I'd sit and roll out the dough, fold the edges and seal the crust and not think about exams or checkoffs or starting IVs or doing care plans. I was "one with the dough" =)

So today that was my job... Caleb kept us entertained as me and Glenn rolled out those pies.  Lisa made the dough while my Mom did the actual frying. We spent about four hours all together and made about 100 pies.  During this time, we laughed about things Glenn and I had done as kids, discussed how Mamaw had mellowed out with the younger generation, and pretty much enjoyed each other's company.

Someone commented on my status and said, "Enjoy making memories.  They are sweeter than the pies."  How true this is... no matter what you are doing with your family, whether it be cooking or reading or vacationing, focus on the people.  Life's short and every memory counts... and those moments are sweet, just like those fried apple pies I rolled out today. 


  1. sounds wonderful! Apple pie is my 2nd favorite. Pumpkin is my first!

    1. We've never tried pumpkins... but we have done blueberry!