Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Inspiration

So, at the beginning of this month I signed up for a challenge where I would write every day for the month of November.

Which is slightly different from the challenge I completed in October, where I focused on one topic.

No, this month, it's all about writing.

Which is all well and good when one is inspired.

And I'm pretty sure it is hard to be inspired when it is now  4 5 PM and I am still in my pajamas on the couch.

I am still in slight mourning because our football Bobcats lost in the playoffs last night to Pike Central. It was very cold and I am not sure if I'm thawed out yet. I found myself slightly envious of Wallace in the press booth and I am pretty sure that Coach Moore grew out his beard because of the cold weather he has to endure on the sideline.  My Grandma Na would be mightily impressed by that true, red, Arrowood beard.

While I hated to see them lose, I am extremely proud of their fight this season. They've battled numerous injuries and many of the players were first year starters. I don't think I was upset over the loss so much as the incidence of fair weather fans in our community.  It has been a complaint of mine throughout my love affair with Breathitt High athletics... kind of like the Field of Dreams line.  If you're winning, they will come.  And if you're losing... well, let's just say that these boys know who their true supporters are.  And while I may complain when they miss a pass or fumble the ball because they are carrying it like a white flag of surrender instead of tucking the dang ball up against their side, or when they miss a tackle because they are just swiping at the runner's legs instead of WRAPPING them up for crying out loud... I love them. They are just high school boys.  And to me, if you don't sit out in the cold and watch them lose, you don't deserve to sit in the warmth during the packed out crowd of the Honey Bowl and complain, which tends to be the story come September every year.

I may or may not get angry when I hear other people saying things about those kids...

On a side note, my friend Thomas and I had a good time watching one of Pike Central's fans pace back and forth, from one section of the stadium to the other, throughout the night. (who would have ever thought I'd have a friend from Belfry?  And he is really Wallace and Mike Fugate's friend... he started sitting behind us a couple of years ago and just gradually migrated to sit next to Wallace and Mike, offering his commentary on our Bobcats... but hey, at least he sits through the cold weather and last night I noted that he had a Bobcat toboggan on...)

The Pike Central fan would shake her fist in victory and jump up and down and kind of reminded me of me... except she is younger and I am older and really don't have any excuse for acting that way. 

And I was slightly inspired by the singing of the Pike Central school song at the end of the game by the football team... which led me to another musing about our fans. I wonder how many of our students even know that our school song has words, much less what they are?

(Just for those of you who are curious... our song is the Notre Dame fight song and you can imagine me singing to that tune. "We are the Bobcats of Breathitt High. We are the fellows who do or die. Let our blue and white fly high, all other colors we will pass by. Old alma mater we praise your name. )

And now that I'm complaining about people not knowing the words, I'm drawing a complete blank... Deep breath...

(we'll always keep your honor the same.  While we in our lives go marching onward to victory). 

I am from another generation.

Also, UK's loss to Georgia by over 30 points may have knocked out the little amount of inspirational wind I had left in my sails.

I mean, someone forgot to give the defense the memo that we were taking the field.

That, or perhaps they thought they were playing two hand touch?

Oh, my...

But I have put away three baskets of laundry and eaten half of a chocolate orange and read some of two books and did some Bible study in Genesis.

There is still no deer meat on the table but I am told that sometime, after it turns dark, we will have a family dinner. 

I'm pretty sure that even if the deer is killed, it will not grace my table tonight, so I'm thinking Kelsey's it is.

The only downside to that is that I will have to change out of my pajamas.

Ah... the dilemma.

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  1. I'm sorry that your football team lost. You're one faithful, dedicated fan for sure. Hope you'll be inspired to write soon :)!

    ~Urailak (Fruit Bearer on FB)