Sunday, November 2, 2014


There are some athletes who are heroes for all the right reasons.  The phenomenal number of shots they make. The charities they support. Their character on and off the court. Some athletes seem destined to be heroes.

There are some athletes that are heroes for all the wrong reasons.  Their attitudes on the court and the way they carry themselves, their images that leave much to desire.

And then there is Lauren Hill.  I don't think she ever set out to be a hero. She just loves to play basketball.

And her love for basketball, her will to live, her fight to make a layup... has made the basketball nation love her.

Lauren is a freshman in college who has brain cancer.

Terminal brain cancer.

Inoperable brain cancer.

Lauren has set out to show brain cancer who is boss.

Basketball is a sport of agility. Hand eye coordination. Speed and finesse.

All of which are affected by brain cancer.

Lauren didn't care. Determined, she continued her basketball career at Mount Saint Joseph. She wanted to play.

The NCAA agreed to move the first season game up a few weeks, and Lauren took the floor.

She scored the first two points of the 2014-15 NCAA Women's basketball season.

She was awarded the  “Pat Summitt Most Courageous Award”, which is usually given during the NCAA women's Final Four.

She has captured my heart, and I don't even know her...

Because being an athlete is difficult.  And fighting cancer is difficult. Doing them both at the same time..

Near impossible...

Lauren teaches us to never give up on our dreams. She teaches us that heart is sometimes worth more than anything on the court. She teaches us that there is still good in this world, and that the goodness involves striving for the best in ourselves and each other.

Thank you, Lauren, from sports fans everywhere. Fans like me need a reminder,often, of just what the game is about... and today, you've given me that reminder. 


  1. That is so inspiring! I hadn't heard her story before, but that is amazing.

  2. very inspiring! I am going to look up her story right now!

  3. I don't follow the basketball scene and hadn't heard her story. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Amen! I hadn't heard her story before today. But what a beautiful witness she is! I love her fighting spirit. Her attitude reminds me of the Special Olympics athletes I've volunteered with. Lauren and these athletes remind me what the game is really about.

  5. Some people really press through - they make a difference for all of us.

  6. Thank you for this story and the reminder of perseverance! Bless you with GREAT JOY...

  7. What a touching story--I love it when people choose to have a positive attitude--no matter what. I wish more professional athletes (who so often serve as role models for our children) had the same attitude of gratitude--God gave them a gift--now they can bless others with it, or leave a sour taste.

  8. Great story. I had not heard of her so thank you for sharing!

  9. "She has captured my heart, and I don't even know her..."

    And now mine too! Thanks for linking up with Inspire Me Monday! This was great!