Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Ramblings

I woke up and the sun was shining outside my window, which is usually a great thing...

Except normally when we leave for school and work it is still dark outside... or the sun is just beginning to lighten the horizon.

Panic mode!  My cell phone was indicating that my alarm was going off... and had been, for about an hour.

Yes, I overlept this morning.  Apparently, the volume was turned down on my cell phone, so the alarm went off and I didn't hear it.

And I'm not sure what happened to Wallace's alarm.

So, frantically, I rushed around getting dressed and trying to iron the clothes that I had failed to lay out the night before (Wallace may or may have not gone to work looking just a tad frumpy today...).  He also had to make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so I apologize to anyone in advance for the negative mood he may be in.

Caleb informed me that "I was just trying to fight with everyone, just like I always do." on the way to school.  I, of course, responded in a manner that made his illogical statement seem completely logical.  Defensive, much, Mama?

We pulled into the middle school at 8:06 on my car clock... I'm not sure if it is synced to the school clock or not, but I really, really hope so.

And then I realized that I most likely will not be able to pick Caleb up from school and get him to basketball practice.

Thank God for Mamaws.  Caleb's grandparents deserve much more than a gold medal.

As always, Mom came through in a pinch and we worked out the crazy logistics of getting Caleb's basketball bag to her.

I actually found myself at the stop sign thinking about registering for that stinkin' IRB class at WKU... as in, "Life was fine... you registered for that class and now your life is crazy again.  It's cursed."

Now we know where my son gets his illogical thoughts.

Of course it's not cursed... that class hasn't even started yet.  I shouldn't even be thinking about it... me of the famed Scarlett O'Hara line, "I'll think about that tomorrow."

And all I can say is that today, I'm so glad that it's Friday.  And tomorrow is Saturday, so I don't have to think about anything but college football, high school basketball scrimmages, reading, oil changes, and somewhere good to eat for lunch.

And I'm really not thinking about the oil change... we'll let Wallace take care of that.

If our alarm clocks go off. 


  1. Saturday's coming...hoping it starts out better for you and your family!

  2. I have had that same thing happen. Lately I am just not in the groove for mornings. It's so frustrating. I think being out of town mixed with the cooler temps has just gotten me off track. TGIF though. Have a great weekend.

  3. Sounds like you're having a crazy day, my friend! Tomorrow will be my day of rest, worship and recreation--I'm ready for it!

  4. Oh, crazy mornings an make all a little illogical. TGIF. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Oh my... some days are just like this, aren't they? I think we have all fallen for the frantic pace that seems that is was set for us... praying you get to enjoy a little slow this weekend... and yes, somewhere good to eat, too!

  6. That has definitely happened to me! Not a great way to start the day, but thankfully tomorrow is always a new day!