Friday, October 19, 2012

Following the Leader

I'm taking a Leadership course in my DNP program.  We recently got back a profile that we took on the first day of class describing our leadership style.  Mine was titled Passive Avoidant, which is no surpise to me.  Number one, I don't consider myself a leader.  I've always been more of a follower, and I'm okay with that.  Number two, I am totally passive aggressive, which transposes to passive avoidant. I don't like conflict.  At all.  Oh, I have a temper, but I usually internalize my feelings.  I hide them underneath the surface, and let them simmer.  Simmer.  Until I reach the boiling point. And then when I explode it's usually not even to the person that deserves it, because then they would think less of me. It's all about what others think, don't you know?

This class has actually been interesting as I think of those around me and their leadership capabilities.  What does it take to get someone to follow you, to listen to you and respect you and have faith in what you say?  To really believe what you are telling them, not just to believe it but to believe  IN it?

Researchers have debated for years whether leaders are born or made.  I have to think there is evidence for both.  A true leader, though, is one that those underneath them respect.  A true leader cares, and makes decisions not just for self, but for the benefit of everyone.  A true leader is a listener, open to suggestions and criticism and able to recognize their weaknesses and work on them.  A true leader is adaptable.

Even though I don't consider myself a leader, I do think I have some traits necessary.  Truth is, I'm okay being a follower.  Doesn't bother me one bit, as long as I have a leader I can trust =) We'll see if the rest of the semester can change my style any... and if I can survive.  Only two papers and a discussion board to go.  And a leadership interview... any volunteers?

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