Thursday, July 12, 2012

To Live is Worship

"God never intended for us to refer to church as a building, as He never intended worship to be reduced to a church service.  His church is His people, and worship is what they do."- Emily Freeman, Grace for the Good Girl

Worship is what they do... is it?  Do I devote my Sunday mornings to worship, but live in defeat the rest of the week?  Do you?

"... when the Spirit of the living God lives inside of you, then your living is also your worship." (Freeman)

Your living is your worship...and so I worship God as I hit the snooze button, but somehow manage to wake up to dig into my Chronological Bible, eager to eat His Word, thankful for another day.  I worship God as I drive to town behind the log truck, passing the coal truck, because I have a car to drive and a job to go to and those other people on the road do, too... I worship as I sing along with K-love and think of God's awesomeness and unfailing love.  I worship when I smile at the stranger in the hallway, when I take time to greet those I pass, when I stop and listen to whomever needs to speak.  I worship as I cheer on students as they pass tests and encourage them when they don't.  I worship as I type lecture notes and grade care plans and care for patients in clinical. 

Today, I worshipped as I stepped out of the hospital and breathed in the smell of a summer rain. I worshipped as I laughed with Caleb on the way to town.  I worshipped as I walked in the rain, feeling the drops on my skin and feeling alive.

I am worshipping as I write this... because I'm living, and breathing, and have been blessed.  This moment... it is mine.  Not yesterday, because it's gone.  Not tomorrow, or the next minute, because they've not been promised.  Worship as I live... Giving reverance and honor.  He is good.  He is mighty.  He is sovereign.  And He is mine. 

Join me?  Because He's worthy of our praise....

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