Monday, November 30, 2015

What I Learned in November

Y'all.  It's been the longest and shortest month of the year and how on earth is it already December of 2015???

I've not been quite as faithful as I would like on this blog and that's ok. I'm learning to give myself some grace.

Seeing as it is coming to the close of the year, though, I've been thinking a lot about what I want out of 2016, and I am going to be more consistent with this blog.

I am.

Even though I have told Caleb several times to not make big plans, because Jesus could come back tomorrow. Or today.

And even though I am usually advising him against buying something online that he doesn't really need, the truth is that I truly believe Jesus could come back anytime.

I'm not sure how I got on that track... but that's one thing I've learned in November.  To let myself go where my thoughts lead me and not get so hung up on how I get there.

Ok, I totally made that up... but here's what I have learned in November:

1. I've learned a lot about Steelers football. I recently finished Dan Rooney's book about his 75 years of being a Steeler (which, by the way, was written just after Mike Tomlin was hired, in 2007... and in my own humble personal opinion, that has been 7 seasons too long for him coaching... but who I am? And Rooney saw something good in him... so that's saying something. I guess. I just don't understand certain play calls. ) Some of the interesting things I learned about Steeler football: Johnny Unitas was drafted by the Steelers and they let him go. Yes.  LET HIM GO.  Also, Tony Dungy played for the Steelers and coached for the Steelers as well.

I knew the man was a great man of wisdom. It had to be because he started out in black and yellow.

2. I am not a coach.  (I already knew this, but feel the need to remind myself at the end of this dismal football weekend when both of my teams gave up leads in the second half to lose).  I am also not a referee, but I can sure have fun trying.

3. GPS is not always exactly right. Ok... I knew this one, too... but was reminded of it just this morning as I drove around downtown Versailles in a circle for 15 minutes trying to find system office. Finally I glanced over and saw it on my right. As I pulled in the parking lot, the GPS proudly announced, "Prepare to arrive at your destination."

Sorry, cupcake. I had already arrived and you didn't do anything to help me do so.

4. Motivation is so much easier if you have a group of people behind you. Y'all that have been reading this blog for any length of time know how I struggle with self-discipline. For the month of October and early November, I participated in a 5 week challenge online for exercise and scripture memorization where we'd log onto facebook and post what we had done to exercise that day. I did more because I knew that I'd be posting it. (I know... I should be above external motivation... but shame can do a lot for a person). I started slacking after the challenge was over... so I stepped out on a limb and asked for some accountability partners on facebook. I've been texting them every day and it has helped me... I'm hoping it's encouraging to them as well.

5. I'm learning a lot about myself. I've been participating in this leadership Academy at work, and it has been very beneficial. We've done some personality profiles, and while I knew that I was an introvert that tended to shy away from active leadership and want to fly low on the radar... it's been good to see that those qualities can in fact be strengths.

And I've had to force myself to make conversation with people that I really don't know during business lunches.

Which explains why it is 10 PM at night and I've been in my pajamas in bed in this hotel room for over two hours.

I may have also learned that I was a tad lazy...

Nope. Already knew that, too.

Night, y'all!

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  1. we can always use other people. Have other people is ten times better.