Monday, November 16, 2015


So yesterday I write about self-discipline and this morning I step on the scales and I've gained 3 pounds since last Friday.

Granted, I did eat red velvet cake and have been indulging on a chocolate orange.

And let's not forget the peppermint bark and the Hershey kisses with almonds.

But I did only eat part of the blondie at Kelsey's last Wednesday night.

So, basically, I've been eating junk.

I've never proclaimed to be on a diet because
1. I'm a picky eater and a diet never lasts. All it does is make me focus on my food, which makes me want to eat more and makes me want to eat things that I wouldn't even want to eat if I didn't think I couldn't have it.
2. I want this to be a life change. Something I'm able to maintain. No meds or fancy crash diets or starving myself.

Not that there is anything wrong with meds or fancy crash diets.  I'm not judging anyone, and if they work for you, that's great...

It's just that I don't do well starving myself.

I get hangry. 

Really hangry.

So, today I felt a little discouraged to say the least. Even though I had eaten that junk, I hadn't eaten much of it, just a little bite here and a little bite there.

And I've been exercising.

Really hard.

Ok, mostly hard.

Most days.

I drug home from work in the gloom and then headed to Bible study. It's amazing how a little bit of God's Word and a whole lot of Jesus loving sisters can lift your spirits.

And then I faced the dreaded treadmill for 2 miles. Did a little bit of jogging and a little bit of walking on an incline and a whole lot of watching Monday Night football.

Tomorrow I'll get up and face the scale again. And I'll face the treadmill again. And I'll try to drink a little more water and avoid chocolate a little more than I have been.

And I'll keep you posted, not because I'm so good at this thing, but because writing about it keeps me humble and keeps me accountable.

But regardless of what that scale says, His grace is sufficient.

And tomorrow is another day.

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