Thursday, November 5, 2015

Football Grace

I feel a little sick this evening.

I'm watching Thursday night football, if that explains anything.

And if it doesn't, let me elaborate to say that it is the Bengals vs. the Browns and the Bengals have had over 200 yards in the 2nd half to the Browns 7 yards.

And I'm brain dead because I spent 9 hours or so in a conference room with 16 people who are near strangers having to have a discussion about things like strengths and weaknesses and what it means to lead and have a vision and knowing yourself.

Which I have on my to do list...

As in, "Figure yourself out."

You'd think I'd know in 36 years, but I have significant trouble trying to describe myself in 3 words or so...

You try it. It's not as easy as it may seem.

Also on my to do list is to write Mike Tomlin a letter, because I'm pretty sure he needs my coaching advice.  After all, I am reading Dan Rooney's autobiography so I feel like I  know the Steelers organization pretty well.

We're a resilient organization, this Steelers nation, and I have no doubt that we'll recover even though Bell isn't ringing much lately.

"To thine own self be true" means that tonight, even though the Bengals are looking like they are having fun playing and I really appreciate that in a team, and even though Andy Dalton looks like the boy next door whose cheeks you just want to pinch, and even though AJ Green is on my Fantasy Football team...

I'll say that they may be the real deal. But I'll also follow that concession with a reminder that there are such anomalies as 100 year floods and perhaps this is the year for the Bengals...

But it's not playoffs yet.

Thankful tonight for football and shopping with Mom and Kami's fashion advice and texts from my boy and the beautiful soul that is my sister Holly.

And the fact that the Steelers still have 6 championship rings and the legacy of Mean Joe Green and the fact that we came back even after choosing to let Johnny Unitas go.

And that His grace is sufficient, even in tough football times.

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