Sunday, September 29, 2013

He Knows My Name

When I had Caleb, the naming part was easy.  Wallace was a family name, so I knew that I'd have to use it somewhere.  I had loved the name Caleb for as long as I can remember.  Caleb means "whole-hearted" or "faithful"... and I wanted a name that would represent strong character.  So, Wallace Caleb it was...

It's sometimes confusing having two Wallaces.  Even though I don't think of Caleb as a Wallace, each year he has to make sure his teachers know he goes by "Caleb".  When we register at the doctor's office, I sometimes have to stop and think why they would be yelling for Wallace when he isn't even with us.  Adding to the confusion is the popularity of the name Caleb.  Most years, there has been another Caleb in his class.  When we went on vacation with the Spencers this summer, we had to resort to calling the Calebs by last name, because it would get very confusing when we'd yell, "Caleb". 

Confusing... kind of like when you try to read through the genealogies in the Bible.  This week, in our OBS In the Gap study, we talked about Mary Magdalene.  It's kind of hard to keep those Mary's straight in the Bible, and is even more confusing when you think of how they must have sometime traveled together...

But Jesus knew.  And God the Father knew.  Just as He knows who Caleb is, and who I am.

He knows my name.  In fact, He knew my name before I was ever born.  He knows the number of hairs on my  head and my needs before I ask.  I am engraved on the palm of His hand... so He can never forget me.

Our God is a personal God.  I often think of how He died for the sins of the world, and then think of the story of the one lost lamb. 

He would have faced Calvary for me.  Just for me.  Just for you.  Because to Him, we are more than just a collection.  We're an individual, and He died so that we can have a personal relationship with Him.  If you haven't yet made that decision, He's calling.  He's beckoning,   He's holding out His hand, the same one that was nailed to a cross, the same one that has your name on it.  You may not know Him personally, but He knows everything about you. And He loves you anyway.  All you have to do is reach out, grab that hand, and say, "Forgive me.  I need you. "

You don't even have to introduce yourself.  He already knows your name. 

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  1. Beautiful Lauren as always. I love coming here to see what you share and you got it this time. Love the comparison of names. Our son goes by his middle name but finding now that he's grown he would have preferred it be his first name.