Sunday, November 18, 2012

That Time of Year

So, it's officially basketball season. Started out with a win in our first scrimmage and I was pretty pleased with how the Coach behaved.  I always find it amusing to sit and listen to the other team's crowd.  Our girls (and most of our parents) have figured out that Wallace is all mouth.  He yells at his girls, he yells at the refs, he just yells... and jumps and stomps and paces the sideline.   I really wouldn't be surprised to see him turnng kartwheels one night, and that's ok.  He acts cocky and whines to the ref, quarrels at the other coaches... but at the end of the game, he loves his girls and he's really not a bad guy.

However, if I had a quarter for everytime I'd heard, "Sit down, coach..." or "Quit yelling" or "Just calm down...", well, I'd have enough money so that Wallace could coach for free and we wouldn't have to worry about booster money.  Last night, as we were playing Belfry (and have  I mentioned how fun it is to beat Belfy, even if it is just a scrimmage?)  I heard a guy above me say, "Well, it's just because it is a small gym." (As to why Wallace's voice carries so loudly).  I turned around and said, "No, not really". 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to what this season holds.  We've got a great bunch of girls and they are really excited, I think.  And so am I.  So let the fun begin! 

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