Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My To Do List

It's Thanksgiving break... and I am so very thankful.  I'm just plain tired, and I have an ambitious to do list to get accomplished.  Starting with a mound of laundry that has been piled up for heaven knows how long.  Ending with submission of some Biostats homework and hopefully a rough draft of a leadership philosophy paper...

And in the meantime, finishing Lean, Mean Thirteen and working through week 6 of Esther, downloading a couple of more books to my Kindle and taking these in at my leisure.  Food and family fun on Thursday, complete with an annual trip to Lexington to take in the Christmas lights.  Hopefully catching a movie with Wallace and Purple and Gold night and a basketball scrimmage.  Napping and playing Bejeweled and spending time with my best boy...

Lots of stuff to do.  Now I'm going to head to bed so I can be well rested to tackle that laundry tomorrow.  May my motivation still be with me when I wake up in the morning =)

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