Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Minute Fridays- SEND

Linking up with Five Minute Fridays, where we write for five minutes unedited on a one word prompt. This week's?  SEND.


I read the words and they flush hot through my mind.  I can feel righteous indignation growing and I want to... need to... have to respond...

Because how dare they? They don't know what they are talking about...

So I type, my fingers flying on the keyboard, imaginary fire shooting off the keys. 

And then I'm reminded that words hurt...

And what is sent into cyberspace can't be taken back.

So even though I long to tell my side of the story, or give them a piece of my mind, I erase, watching the cursor blink on the now white page.

It's not worth it. 

We are called to go forth into all the world and share the good news... but it is so much easier to allow our words to reflect the world around us.





When He called the disciples to go forth, sending them to all corners of the earth, to reach all languages and all people... they could have never imagine the access that we have  now. 

If I want, I can send a message right now to Australia. To China.

Looking at my blog stats, there are people in the Philippines and in Russia that read these words that I am typing.

Sending forth my message to whomever wants to read it...

It better be good.

The send button isn't like the easy button.

Sometimes not pushing that button is the hardest...

But instead of spreading forth hate and anger, may we send a message of love with every word we type.

Every email we send.

Every blog post we upload.

Every status we update.

Here I am, Lord... send me.

With a willing heart and Your Word on my lips, and in my fingertips.

Send me.


  1. OOOH! I love this!!! I am thankful for that reminder to be careful what we send through our cyber space activities. Yes, we are called forth be His disciples. Amen! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Blessings, Carrie (your neighbor today at FMF)

  2. JUST BEAUTIFUL! I was captivated by your every word. What a wonderful reminder that we are on God's mission in this broken world. We are His light to be shined warmly on others by not only what we do but what we say and don't say! Praying that all of us could filter what we put out there in this world through the Holy Spirit. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!

  3. I love how our posts are rather similiar, this must be an area we all struggle in. We all need to remind ourselves about words and using them fairly x

  4. Oh dear. I have dealt with this one the past couple days and I did hit send! I wasn't hurtful or anything, but I've had this lingering feeling that maybe I just shouldn't have said anything at all and then reading this confirmed that. Thanks for this truth, as hard as it may be to swallow.

  5. I love that...May we always send love.

  6. Oh so much Amen! You are speaking my language here!

  7. Oh I love this..."The send button isn't the easy button."

  8. Great post to remember how important it is to think about the words we share. This also works for the words we speak. Sometimes they fire out of my mouth before I realize the hurt they could cause to those I love most. Thanks for the gentle reminder.