Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Wanderings

I'm about to take you on a long journey, with lots of twists and turns.

Tonight when I got home from church, the sun was still out and it was the perfect weather to walk... but my phone was dead.  I hate walking without music, but tonight it was so nice, plus I had to get my 10,000 steps since I didn't keep track of them two days this week (see my thoughts on the zoo post if you are dying to know about that.)

So I started out. For once, I could hear the frogs somewhere close to the creek and also in the vicinity of the pool, which I just won't think about. The birds were chirping and squawking and it made me think how all of nature praises God. Some of us just sound better than others doing so, and that is even true for birds, who have their own distinct sounds.

And then I realized how much more I was noticing the color of the green grass and thought how God decided to choose that color, and paints the sky a different color each night, which led me to think about how awesome God is... and He just spoke it into existence.  Creating something out of nothing... that's kind of His job.

As I walked, I thought of how flawed I am.  How much I mess up. Every. single. day.  And how good He is to forgive.

As I walked, I thought about friends who are sick, who are struggling with decisions, who are going through battles, and sent up prayers for them.

And I thought of how each day is a gift, and how sometimes I waste them. 

I mean, playing Candy Crush and watching Once Upon a Time and reading are all well and good... but there is a time and place for all of them.

And how it all revolves around love.

I thought of church tonight, when I was passing out the pop downstairs and some of the smiles that I got.

And how I tossed a salad today to help with a spaghetti dinner.  Some people may not be family, but they sure do feel like it.

I thought about laughter in the gym and kissing my Mama and walking her dog and texting Kami and snapping pictures of Caleb and chatting with Wallace.

And I started thinking about success, and what it really means.

Today, I was successful.  I loved well, I think. 

Tomorrow may not be the same, but I'm hoping I'll be intentional.

Success is love, laughter, compassion, and grace...

And forgiveness.

Thanking God that He is faithful, that He has a purpose and a plan, and that His love endures forever.

If I should boast, let it be in Christ.

Christ in me... the hope of glory.

Until the true success is in laying down my crown.

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  1. Lauren I love this
    :-) and you are so right that I'd the true measure of success this is Regina by the way