Thursday, July 10, 2014

Things that Made Me Smile

So today I just want to share some things that made me smile.  Life is hard and we don't stop enough to appreciate the little things. Big smiles on my face all day long, though, because:

1. My Mama's knee surgery went well.  She's been having some pain and a little limited mobility in her right knee for a while.  It's been catching and she'd finally had enough... but not enough to go through with a knee replacement. Today they did a scope and removed some cartilage.  I left her settled in on the couch using ice every hour for twenty minutes with plenty of pillows.  And Dad.

Which brings me to number 2.

2. My Daddy is awesome. That's all.  Today he set my Mama a tray up for supper in the living room, took meticulous notes from the surgeon, and then asked Mom if he should wake her up in the middle of the night to  make her move around and see if she was okay.  Apparently, he's responsible for my insomnia as well, because he was one of those Daddy's who wanted to wake me up to feed me.  Every girl needs a Daddy like mine.

3. Hearing that Caleb was waiting for Mom when she got home, and stayed with her this afternoon. He made her a ham sandwich, and informed her that he must really love her, because he touched mayonnaise. He also cleaned the kitchen, washed her windows, and dusted.

4. Hearing my Grandma Bert say "fiddle-dee-dee" when there were no paper towels in the bathroom at McDonalds.  Y'all know I'm reading Gone with the Wind, and it made me think, "Spoken like a true Southern woman."

5. A clear CT scan for my Grandma- three months post-op and cancer free!

6.  A kiss from Will through the gate as I walked. He's pretty stingy with sugar, so I was especially tickled with this one.

7. Watching a video of my cousin Brayton singing Tom Petty to his daughter Braylee.  She's laying in her rocking thing, looking up at him. It is precious.

8. Bedtime. Night, y'all!

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