Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Me? A Bandwagoner?

I just felt like I ran ten miles. 

I'm not really sure how that feels, because I'm pretty sure that the farthest I've ever ran is about 1.5 miles around the Breathitt High football stadium, and that was almost twenty years ago, but I'm pretty sure my heart is pounding more than it did back then.

And speaking of football, I really had a sacrilegious thought just now.

Why is American football called football?

Because, obviously, there are only a few times during the game that it is actually kicked... the rest of the time, it's flying through the air or being carried down the field.

I'm not yet ready to declare that American football is not the real football, but I'm thinking that soccer is pretty awesome, too.

I've never claimed not to be a bandwagon fan.  Oh, there are my teams that I am die-hard for. Pittsburgh.  UK basketball. 

But if they aren't playing, it's ok for me to cheer for another team.

and so today I jumped on the soccer bandwagon.

I've watched some soccer before; namely when Kami was four and played.  Our biggest concern then was that her yellow uniform looked nice with her dark brown hair and eyes.

I also watched Gentry and Landry play for Jackson, and hope to catch Landry play again this year, since he's a senior.

And I've always liked it...

It's exciting.  And really, shouldn't we all just stand up and clap for those guys and gals who hit the ball with their heads? Can you even imagine???

But today, watching the US almost come from behind in the World Cup, I discovered a new love for the sport.

You won't catch me following professional soccer teams, because I still don't understand what justifies a free kick or a penalty.  I'm pretty sure that they can kick it from the corner if it goes out of bounds, but don't quote me on that.

However, in that last minute of the game, I may or may not have been just as excited as I was a few years ago when Pittsburgh was in the Super Bowl.  Ok, maybe not that excited, but you get the picture. 

I'm pretty sure that Gentry, who apparently was watching the game in his cleats just in case he got the call to hop on the plane to go be the hero (just passing on info from Al's tweet.. I was not in attendance at the Hayes house to watch the game), would have been pretty proud that I was down on my one knee in the living room floor  the last minute of that game.

Maybe he can give me some tutoring once he calms down a little.

Now, can someone please give those guys some oxygen, an IV with potassium, and some Gatorade, since they probably sweated out their body weight?  And also, can someone give the goalie a special medal and declare him US Cup winner since he basically kept us in the game with innumerable saves?

I've got to go lay down.  That game made me tired.


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