Saturday, July 5, 2014


I've just finished Jean Fleming's Pursue the Intentional Life, and it has me thinking.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

If I only had this one day, what would God want me to do?

If the average life span is 70, and I live to be average, how many days do I have left?  If you calculate the math, at the time that I read that portion of the book (about two weeks ago), I had 13,235 days... which seems like a lot, until you realize that I have lived around 13,000 days.  And also that I'm not promised tomorrow.

God knows... He has numbered my days.

Teach me, Lord, to number my days.

Teach me to be intentional...

As I enter into the 7th month of this year, over half of 2014 is gone. I'm reminded that time is fleeting. How true the words, "Life is but a vapor."

As I read Jean Fleming's Pursue the Intentional Life, these thoughts were heavy on my mind.

Quotes like: "It is never too soon to prepare for the rest of our lives."

The rest of my life will result in my next thing, and the thing after that.

The mundane coming together to become marvelous, because He does that.  Makes the marvelous out of the mundane.

So as I strive to carve out white space for Him in my everyday, focusing on what He is whispering to me (wishing at times that it was in big flashing neon lights), I'm resolving to focus on what I can do next.

What I should be doing today to pursue His will for my everyday. 

Living for the eternal, because that's what He wants.  Oh, yes, I long for Heaven, but I'm living today.  He wants my life to be abundant here... and then I will see true abundance in Heaven.

A life with no regrets, if that is possible.  And if I do regret something, no wallowing... moving on and moving forward, giving grace to myself.  Truly living- being in the moment, rather than thinking of what is next.  Sometimes, I waste my most precious memories because I'm thinking of what is coming next.

Loving others and loving myself and cultivating His Word, His Spirit, so that His fruit in me is obvious- so that others will know that I am His and He is mine without a shadow of a doubt.

Open my heart, Lord, to the story You have written for me before I was born. Open my eyes to see other people as you do, to view things from an eternal perspective, to view your gifts in their glorious splendor. Open my ears to hear Your Word.

Teach me, Lord, to number my days, and to live in each one fully, intentionally.

And keep doing Your good work.

You are faithful.


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  1. Jean Fleming's book was mind-shifting for me too! I thought it was a great choice. It's neat that you did the math on your potential number of days. The other Bloom Book Club book that I really liked in the past was Bread and Wine. I'm still cooking recipes from that one.

    Since you are a book person (me too), have you listened to the Art of Simple podcast that is full of good book recommendations? I listened to it this weekend and added a bunch of new books to my list. Here is the link if you would like it

    God bless :)