Thursday, July 3, 2014

Once Upon a Time

So, this summer I've discovered the genius that is Netflix.

During the school year, we use DVR a lot, but I've never really watched a lot of TV.

Let's admit, TV went downhill once Friends and ER stopped, and Thursday nights (and every other night) were never the same.

I may be just a little bitter.

However, I've seen my friends on FB rage about Once Upon a Time, and it intrigued me.

Today I'm finishing Season 1, and I must say I love it.

And because I'm using Kami's account, I was also informed that I have to watch Friday Night Lights, so I'm watching it, too, which is no surprise because let's face it, football is life, and Coach Taylor is a really likeable guy.

But back to Once Upon a Time.  If you're not familiar with the sitcom, (is it still called a sitcom?  The show? The fantasy?  Whatever term you use...), it's about fairy tales.

Now, if you are like me, you're thinking... fairy tales? Really? Yes. 

Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood and the Mad Hatter and Rumplestiltskin and magic and poisonous apples and fairies.

Basically, they've all been banished to our world, which is as far from a fairy tale as you can get.

A little boy has a storybook and all of the characters are trapped in a world without magic, but no one really knows who they are. It's really quite interesting. 

So, I'm finishing season one and will watch season two and season three, which I purchased on Amazon because it wasn't available on Netflix, and let's face it, magic has a price and I'm hooked.  (And Captain Hook hasn't even shown up, but Caleb tells me he will).

When season 4 starts back up, the characters from Frozen will enter and I will be enchanted, I'm sure.

So there's what I'm doing this summer.  I'd love to hear about any interesting shows you're watching.

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  1. I liked the series too until they got into necromancy by the 3rd season. However, I will say I like the idea of Captain Hook as a good guy since then I have look for other renditions where the roles are reversed and Peter Pan is wicked. I read a few having a Kindle Unlimited account helps a bit.