Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You Done Good, Caleb

It all started going downhill with a flip-flop.

Yesterday was a LONG day. 

I rode to Louisville and back with Wallace so he could turn some stuff in at his Reserve unit. I'll never turn down a trip, especially since I thought I could convince him to drop by the Cheesecake Factory and let me get a piece of Heaven to go...

So, I sat in the car and read while he packed his stuff in.  Then, we swung by the Cheesecake Factory, only to find the doors to deliciousness would be locked for thirty more minutes. Normally, I would have sweet-talked Wallace into going into the mall for the measly thirty minutes, except we had to get back to Jackson because Caleb had an awards banquet at Highland-Turner, so I accepted that I wouldn't get my cheesecake and settled in for the ride.

We stopped at a gas station, and when I walked in the smell of Cinnabon filled the air.  I hadn't brought my wallet in, probably because God was telling me that I didn't need those cinnabon delights that I could almost taste as I walked to the back of the store to go to the restroom. I figured I could get Wallace to buy some when he paid for his pop, only to come out and find him in the car, on the phone, pop already paid for and car already in drive.

I might have cried a little on the inside.

Then, at Logan's Roadhouse, I ordered nachos, only to have them delivered to realize that they had changed their cheese and the nachos really weren't that great.

Out of that disappointment, I got a rare treat at Cold Stone Creamery. Wallace said three disappointments deserved a good ice cream, but personally I think he just wanted ice cream for once in his life.  Or maybe twice.

We made it back to Jackson and the fun really started.  Banquet #1 at Highland Turner, where the flip flop comes into play.

Caleb was looking good in his dress shirt and blue jeans... and his blue flip flops did perfectly match.  Until he realized walking in that they were broken.  A fact he had also realized the day before at church. Not sure why those babies hadn't been thrown in the trash, but now they were on his feet and the flop had quickly come loose from the flip. 

An easy fix, you say... until it came loose again as he walked out to accept his awards.  I would have gotten mad at the lady in front of me who kind of laughed, but I'm quoting the verse, "As much as possible, live at peace with all men." in my head this week. And also, it was funny. And also, he knew it was torn up.

So... at the end of his banquet we had 10 minutes to get from HTS to Jackson for the girls basketball banquet, which is exactly how long it takes to get to Jackson if I am driving slightly over the speed limit and spinning my tires and burning my brake pads (hypothetically, you know.  I assure you that I am a very safe driver. Most of the time.)

Except we had to stop at home to change shoes.  And Caleb couldn't get the door open. And he also could not just put on another pair of sandals... he had to pick a pair of shoes that tied.

And then he was convinced he lost his $20 out of his pocket at Highland-Turner.  I was convinced it would be lost forever if that were truly the case, but being the good Mama that I am (and also because I didn't want to be distracted while I raced to town) I turned around, headed back to Highland Turner, and cautioned him to check his pockets one more time before frantically returning to the gym to look for his money.

Frantic is something he inherited from me.

The $20 was in his other pocket.

We made it to the banquet in plenty of time, as they were still eating and we all know how football players can eat. And also girls basketball players. 

Sitting through speeches from the coach of the football team and the boys basketball team, and finally Wallace, I thought about how maybe I don't need to be in a rush all the time.  And that for once, one time out of one million, I really wasn't late for an event.

And when the audience laughed as Wallace said, "Caleb is just... well, Caleb..." I got to thinking about how blessed I am that he is mine.  And how maybe I don't say that enough.  And also how maybe I am a little too impatient with him.

Then, a "quick" trip to Walmart reminded me that maybe he's just a little slow and deliberate.

But he tried to tip the cashier $6 when he left (after paying for his own stuff) and gave out several hugs to people, and when we got home, he posted this status on facebook:

"I try to live in a way which when I lay down at night, I hope God can say "You done good today, Caleb."

I'm not God, buddy... just your Mama.  And I have so many things that I fail at daily with you.  I am imperfect on so many levels, and I recognize that and wish that I could change it.  But yesterday was one of those days when I am almost 100% positive that God said you done good today, Caleb... now if we could just work on your Mama.

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