Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Minute Fridays- Release

Release... let go.  Unchain. Become free.

When I read the prompt, I thought how nice that sounded.

Like when you hold your breath and you don't realize it... and then you take that big breath of fresh air.

Or even when the air is thick with electricity, dark storm clouds overhead, wind blowing... and then the cloud bursts, releasing a torrent.

And then I thought of my little sister, who at the age of 3 was locked in a car. 

In the middle of July.

Completely an accident... she was in her car seat and as I turned to get her out, I bumped the door shut.

The keys were still in the ignition.

No big deal, though, because she knew how to release the car seat latch.

I pleaded and begged through the window.

"Come on, Kami.  Open up the latch.  Just push the button."

She'd shake her head no, tears welling up in her big brown eyes, her little pig-tails bobbing back and forth. 

"Come on, it's hot.  Just get out of the car seat."


Not going to do it.

And the temperature was 98 on the bank sign, and sweat poured down her cheeks, and fifteen minutes had passed and I was frantic.

Finally someone brought a pair of keys and I unlatched her.

"Why, Kami?"

"Because Holly told me never to get myself out of the car seat by myself."

And isn't life like that? Don't we all stay locked up sometimes because of what other people have told us or what we've told ourselves or how inadequate we feel?

Come on, take a deep breath... and release it.

It's time to break free and let loose.

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  1. Wow! Loved your words, here too! Great stories! Thanks for coming by my place.. :)

    and oh how nervous you must have been with your little sis!! That happened to me with one of my own kids. thankfully - it wasn't hot out. Thankfully she was asleep (for the 45 minutes until my husband could arrive with keys) and thankfully we were at a friends house - not in some crazy parking lot, yadda yadda... right!

  2. Oh, wow! What a powerful story and such a good reminder that we fence ourselves in--either with words someone has said or things we believe. I'm so glad someone found the keys! I'm so glad you're my FMF neighbor :).

  3. Thank you for these true!

  4. What a scary story - but one that so well illustrates such a critical truth. We have many reasons why being stuck seems right, even logical. Your words are powerful and rang such a chord with me. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from FMF - on Tuesday!