Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Reading =)

So, my goal for June is to read a book a day. I'll update this post occasionally with the books that I have finished.

As for what I am currently reading:

A Team of Rivals, about Abraham Lincoln and the men who surrounded him.  It's thick, about 900 pages according to my Kindle, and each chapter takes about an hour to read, so most likely I'll be reading this one all month long, but I love Lincoln and love this time period. 

Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker, a novel about an emancipated black lady who made dresses for Mary Todd Lincoln.  It's a nice complement to the other Lincoln book I'm reading, because it seems to be very historical, and a lot of the characters are discussed in the non-fiction book.

They Almost Always Come Home is a novel I'm reading on my Kindle.  I got it free, but it seems to be pretty good.  It's about a woman whose husband has gone missing on a wilderness adventure. Their marriage was in turmoil before he left, so she's not sure if he's missing or if he just decided not to come back.  She decides to go to the wilderness to try to find him.  She's on her first day where I'm reading right now, and it is actually pretty crazy to think about.. I know I'd have no clue about how to survive!

For the Bloom Book club, I'm getting ready to start Pursue the Intentional Life, which is something I really need to do.  I love the Bloom book club on Incourage Me, because Angie and Jessica are so down to earth and funny! They always pick really good books, too. 

With Proverbs 31 OBS Ministries, I'm reading Limitless Life by Derwin Gray.  So far, it is really good.  It's about changing labels we may have placed from our past and replacing them with labels from God.  Yesterday's chapter was about going from a Mess to a Masterpiece- I can really relate to that one!

I'm reading Dan Brown's Inferno.  It's the follow-up to The Lost Symbol I read last month, which was a follow up to the DaVinci Code.  I love his books because they have historical information in them, and are fast moving, hang on to the edge of your seat type reading.  I don't read them at night, much, though...

I'm also reading AMMA: The Life and Writings of Amy Carmichael.  Carmichael was a missionary in the early 1900s in India.  I'm just getting started on it, but I can tell that it's one of those books that is going to make me think.

I'm still reading Ask Me Anything, Lord, by Heather King. Heather is a friend on Facebook and I love her writing.  This book is just taking me a while because I get to the end of the chapter  where there are questions and have to pause to reflect on those questions, and also trying to stay caught up in the book clubs I'm participating in... but it is so good.  And I'm always amazed when something I'm reading in one place shows up somewhere else, which is what happened in two of the chapters of this book I've read so far.

And last, but certainly not least, The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle.  You might remember that I suggested her book Sparkly Green Earrings, about her having a little girl... and it was awesome.  I read it in one sitting.  This one, though, may be even better. Perhaps it is because I can relate so well.  While she may be in Texas and I am in Kentucky, her life is just spot on... complete with the husband who thinks a Cabela's magazine is quality reading material.  I have laughed so hard that I cried, and several times Wallace has asked me what is wrong. And she's got an antelope in her living room. At least I won the battle and the coyote, deer, and turkey are upstairs... Seriously, get this book.  Married or not, you'll not regret reading it.

To read books: Blossom Street Brides with another book club, The Ones Who Hit the Hardest (about the Steelers... duh), Uncle Tom's Cabin, Gone with the Wind, A Season to Remember (Also a football book), Gone Girl, Takedown Twenty, Silver Girl, A Framework of Poverty, Without a Word...

And sometime I plan to write an IRB application that may or may not be due in a week and I haven't even started on. 

But first I think I'll go finish a book today.  I'd love to hear what you're reading in the comments!!!

June 1- A Beautiful Offering by Angela Thomas
June 2- Starting New (Blossom Street #9)- Debbie Macomber
June 3- What Women Fear- Angie Smith
June 4-  The Antelope in the Living Room
June 5- Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker
June 6- They Almost Always Come Home
June 7- To Love Me
June 8- The One Who Hit the Hardest
June 9- To Forgive Me
June 10- Takedown Twenty
June 11- A Season to Remember
June 12- Ask Me Anything, Lord
June 21- Whence Came a Prince
June 23- Inferno
June 25- Limitless Life
June 26- Silver Girl
June 28- Blossom Street Brides

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  1. I love this layout on Blogger! It was the first one I ever used when I started blogging. Bright and inviting - just like your writing! I'm reading "Pursue the Intentional Life" by Jean Fleming, and that's how I happened upon your corner of the internet! Loved the post! Write on, my friend! xoxo